3 Top Trends For The New Wedding Season In 2016

The top trends for the wedding season change about as often as the seasons themselves. You have spring weddings, summer weddings and more. While it’s important to stay up with the trends, it’s also important to pay respect to traditions. In fact, it seems the industry has caught on, as being nostalgic for past traditions when planning a wedding is a hot trend this season. If you think about it, there’s nothing wrong with traditional when it comes to a wedding.
What else is trending this wedding season? There are likely several sites up with tips, and certainly one of them says, it’s time to have a wedding on the beach. Okay, now I’m not saying that it’s not a good idea, it’s a great idea. However, that’s not what you want to see when you’re looking at the top trends that are changing from season to season. The beach is always on the wish list for weddings. There are all kinds of great locations and venues for getting married.
Furthermore, there is more to the new wedding trends than just location, location, location! That is the first thing you typically need to decide, however, so it’s a good place to start. Of course, the first tip, sticking to tradition, could mean just about anything. For example, what about that wedding dress? While it might be trending to stick to tradition, what’s also trending is what is called total exposure.
What this means is that the dress is more revealing, in the right ways of course, such as the back. Some of those wedding dresses are absolutely gorgeous, but of course, it all depends on what you like. That goes for the decorations, too, as you don’t have to go traditional with everything. How about the wedding cake? Have you checked out the trends and new designs for the cakes?
One trend I noticed kind of made me laugh, not because it was a bad idea, just some of the things people come up with and what they say about them makes me laugh. For example, this trend was about feathers. Now, the feathers in the picture on the dress look really nice, and it’s a huge selling point. However, the headline is ‘flirty feathers.’ At first glance, the idea kind of made me roll my eyes, but then as I looked at the wedding dress, I could tell it looks really nice.
Pants are even one of the trends, and they do look nice, at least on the runway. What the bride wears is always one of the hottest topics when the new trends for the wedding season hit the press. One more thing that is really trending brings us back to picking your location. Be creative, as people are picking all kinds of different places. It could be your spot with your significant other that you always visit, or it could be a place you’ve always wanted to go. That’s one of the biggest wedding trends of the season, as millennials are choosing to get married at any place but the ordinary.
This is a guest post. by Mark Wilcox. Read more wedding tips by Mark Wilcox at weddingintro.com.