After the Wedding Dress, Say Yes To The Shoes

There is no doubt that ever bride is aware of the successful TV Show “Say Yes To The Dress”. The wedding dress is the primer obsession of a new bride-to-be. After the dress, the second biggest item on the bride’s shopping list are The Shoes. What are your considerations for wedding shoes?


My poor bride. As soon as she cleared the gazebo, she was begging to get out of her 5 inch high heel wedding shoes. She immediately changed into more comfortable wedges. I felt so sorry for her that she had to stand in pain for the whole wedding ceremony.

It inspired me to remind you how important shoes are to your wedding outfit. Here is my advice.

1) You need to find comfortable wedding shoes

Remember, you will be wearing your shoes for a long time. Proper wedding shoes are specially designed with comfort in mind and have additional padding exactly for this purpose.  Don’t make the mistake of buying cheap shoes that lack this padding and the extra support that makes wearing them not just tolerable, but comfortable, on your big day. You can be prepared to spend 10-15% of the value of your dress on bridal shoes.

2) Consider style and color

Silk and satin are traditionally the two most popular choices for wedding shoes. Your wedding dress and personal taste are going to have the greatest impact on the style of shoes you choose. Tradition is to match the color of the shoes with your dress. If you are feeling a little untraditional you can wear brightly colored shoes… red seems to be a favorite. If you’re wearing a non-traditional wedding dress, your shoes don’t need to be traditional either.

3) Your shoes determine your hem length

It’s really important that you have your shoes for your dress fittings.  This means that your dressmaker can alter the hem of your wedding dress to the perfect length. If you are considering having two pairs of shoes like my bride, then have them the same height otherwise your hem will suffer.

4) Heel height

Stick with what you are used to so you are comfortable on your wedding day.  If you normally wear 4 inch heels and you choose this heel height for your wedding shoes, then you know that you’ll be comfortable. If you’re not used to wearing sky high heels, then don’t take the chance on your big day.  It’s not the time to experiment.

I do see many brides going for flats because of the comfort factor. I am also happy that I don’t see Crocks or flip-flops any more.

One final piece of advice. Make sure you break you shoes in. Wearing brand new shoes for a long time will only guarantee blisters and more pain. One final note, that these four points are equally applicable to the grooms.