Choosing a Song List for Your Wedding

There are two essential elements to any great wedding reception. The food has to be satisfying and the entertainment must get the party going. I find that brides and grooms underestimate the importance of getting the right DJ services company that plays the right tunes. With out that, then you have a dud party.

Image from United with Love

When searching for a DJ services company, I advise that you ask if they are willing to discuss a playlist or at least what kind of music they will play. My son is getting married and he told me that in his search he found few DJ’s who would discuss the playlist. It seems many DJ’s expect to just come in and spin. You can see an accident happening when Hip Hop music is played at a reception for a couple in their 40’s.

I also don’t advise that you be prescriptive and pick out every song to be played. You need to give the DJ room to mix the music depending on the mood of the room. Some DJ companies like Quality Entertainment make it possible for you to create your play list and categorize the songs into must play, play if possible and do not play.  However, feel free to add key song titles and artists that you’d like. Check that the DJ service has the right version of a song you want so that you are not disappointed. If you have specific ethnic music, for example, you may need to provide that to the DJ in advance. Never assume the DJ company will be able to provide your ethnic music because their idea of music for people who are from a different country may not be accurate.

A new post just came out from one of your favorite wedding sites giving you the hottest top 10 songs to play at your wedding. You may be tempted to use this latest list. Perhaps and maybe not. Consider the following top 10 list that just came out from a top wedding website:

“Yours” by Russell Dickerson
“Remedy” by Adele
“Hold My Hand” by Jess Glynne
“Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett
“Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE
“One Call Away” by Charlie Puth
“Always” by Chuck Wicks
“Sorry” by Justin Bieber
“Stand by You” by Rachel Platten
“Over and Over Again” by Nathan Sykes featuring Ariana Grande

At first glance the songs seem ok. But do you see the red flag; “Sorry” by Bieber. Really, that is a choice as a wedding song? So don’t trust a published list blindly.

You need to have a discussion with your DJ services company as to what songs they find work best for your favorite genre and demographic in your local area. A top listed song on the Billboard charts may not work in your city. Top DJ service companies like Quality Entertainment let you tap into their expertise to ensure a great party.

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