Infographic: What a Typical Canadian Wedding Looks Like

As Canadians, we often see wedding statistics that reflect what is happening in the United States. My friends at the Lakeshore Convention Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, compiled this fabulous infographic that focusses on Canada.




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    There is a very important item missing on the list prepared by the Lakeshore Convention Centre and that is the cost of the Wedding Officiant. It’s surprising how much money people will pay for stationery and guests favours, but don’t think about the cost of the Officiant, without which their wedding day wouldn’t be possible. I’m surprised there is no mention of this necessary element on the list.

    Lorraine Cowan Certified Life Cycle Celebrant® and Licenced Wedding Officiant

    • I agree that most often we see the Officant cost left out. I’d like to see a comparison of costs between churches, city hall, and officiants. It could prove interesting.

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