Eco friendly gifts make for one of a kind wedding gifts

So your best friend, your favorite cousin or your adored niece or nephew is getting married. And you want to give them something that is going to be a part of their lives for a long long time, something that starts them on their life together, implicitly carrying within itself the message of endurance, renewal and permanence. What better gifts to give than than eco friendly gifts?


Eco gifts make wonderful gifts, not only because of their message of renewal and earth friendliness, but these unique gifts come from singular green gift ideas. For instance, a clock made from reclaimed wood will not be like any other clock using the same materials. For your loved ones’ special day, you want to make sure they have something that is one of a kind, that not only is it useful and helps them build a life together, but it also embodies values that make for an enduring relationship. Here are some great green gift ideas:

1. Gift a Kitchen

It may be a cliché to say this, but the way to the heart is through the stomach, and therefore food and food preparation makes the kitchen one of the most important places in a new home. And beautiful items go a long way in making this most important space special. Whether it’s through olive wood salad spoons, knife and barbecue sets or a salt and pepper set, lovingly crafted from natural materials.

2. Gifts for the Cellar

A life together often means entertaining friends and family as a couple. And good wine goes with good company. And nothing sets the tone than well crafted items like a wine rack made from vintage film reels or reclaimed wine barrels, or an ice bucket made from recycled glass.

3. Gift an Activity

A gift like a wooden puzzle is just the sort of gift that brings family and friends together. It works for the times when you need a group activity that everyone can participate in, or when a single person, a grown up or a child needs to be entertained for a while. A wooden puzzle makes a very versatile gift.

4. Reclaim that Wood

What could be a more interesting juxtaposition than a contemporary gadget like an IPad on a holder made from reclaimed wood? Or a tray made with a reclaimed wine barrel, that has also been personalized for the couple with their name! Bringing the past into the present is a way to hold on to what was good and enduring about the past, keeping current realities in mind.

5. Glassware

A full range of green gift ideas could include glassware collections made with recycled glass, these eco gifts are soda bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. Each item in these collections is one of a kind.

6. Decorative Items

Some eco friendly gifts could include things for the house, like picture frames, to always keep those precious memories visible, even as you build new ones. Or a throw for that couch, or items for the living room and den like a side table made from a reclaimed beer barrel.

With eco friendly gifts, not only are you spreading a message of a sustainable life, you are also setting a new family on the path to a life filled with beautiful, unique items that have utility and make the idea of sustainable living real, in a way that no amount of talking or proselytizing ever can. It makes the hope and dream of a sustainable planet concrete, and this is the greatest gift of all.