DIY Weddings: The Top Do’s and Don’ts

In an effort to save as much money as possible, you are determined to handle as many of your wedding projects as you can. As a bonus, you like the idea of a DIY wedding and the personal touches that you can provide your guests.


While you can definitely tackle a great deal of the wedding tasks on your own, there are some details that can be optional and some always best left to the professionals. Before you say “I do,” check out these top DIY wedding do look at options and don’t fool-around-hire-a-pro.

The Do’s

Your invitations: Hiring a professional company to print invitations and save the date cards can cost hundreds of dollars. Instead, check out your local arts and crafts store for a DIY invitation kit or find stock paper in the shade you like and print out beautiful invitations from your computer. If you want to make the insides of the envelopes fancier, consider lining them with wallpaper, and you can use rubber stamps and calligraphy to decorate and address the envelopes.

Your makeup: While it might be tempting to leave this to a professional, there is a lot to be said for handling your own makeup in the privacy of your home. A few weeks before your big day, schedule a makeup session at a department store or salon and watch how everything is being applied. If you like the results, purchase the cosmetics that were used and then practice at home.

Your photos: Hiring a professional photographer is definitely a good idea, but you can also ask a close friend or two who have a knack for photography to snap some more shots. For example, ask your social media loving friend who you know will get antsy without a job to do to handle taking photos and posting them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To make the job easy for your friend, provide him or her with an upgraded smartphone that will make amateur photos look amazing; for example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 features a 16 megapixel, fast-focus camera and quick camera launching with the touch of a screen.

The Don’ts

The food and cake: The days before your wedding are busy and stressful enough without you having to worry about shopping for and preparing food for your guests. The same goes for the cake. Yes, buying cake mix and making one yourself is cheaper, but unless you are a professional cake decorator it’s difficult to do on your own. Plus, transporting it can be challenging.

The flowers: Unless you are going with all silk arrangements, flowers are inherently a last-minute task. Save yourself the hassle of buying dozens of vases for the centerpieces and hundreds of loose flowers to transform into bouquets and let the professional florists handle it. You can definitely let them know what types of flowers and colors you want but once your wedding week arrives you’ll be so glad you are not spending valuable time snipping roses and cutting ribbons.

The music: Yes, it is easy to make up playlists of your favorite songs and use an iPod to get the music going. However, this will keep the tunes limited to what you and your sweetie like, and they might not be the best for dancing. Hire a DJ who is adept at reading the crowd and choosing songs that will match the mood and energy level of your guests.