Choosing the Right Metal for a Man’s Wedding Ring

A men’s wedding ring is not just a piece of jewelry you place on your finger. It has deeper meaning and symbolism, which makes it an important piece of jewelry in your life. Considering you will hopefully wear this ring for a very long time to come, the choice of metal has to be right from the word go. This is why you should take your time to make the right decision.

gold chord ring

The metal that will create the ring is important as it will dictate not just the design but how you will fare with the ring in future. Designers pick all types of metals to make rings in consideration of their properties. The kind of the metal that you will pick for your choice ring should therefore be in line with these properties as well as your needs.

While some properties can make a metal good for one aspect of the ring, others can make it a disadvantage for use. The final choice lies in where the benefits to you in terms of you needs and preferences outweigh the disadvantages. Here are just some of the properties you should consider:

Weight of the ring
You will be wearing the wedding ring for many years to come on a daily basis. You should therefore consider how heavy or light the ring will be as you carry on with your life. Wearing a heavy ring is possible as you can get used to the sensation over time. The weight of the ring will depend on the metal used in the design. Some metal like tungsten are heavy while others such as titanium are light. Other metals fall in between as not too heavy nor too light.

Resistance to scratch
Wedding bands undergo a lot of wear and tear as they are in use day in day out. The metal you pick for your ring should be resistant to this wear. Some metals can easily resist scratching while others scratch easily. You should therefore pick a metal that will handle rough environments if you do a lot of manual labor. You should also check that the metal you pick does not stain or lose its luster fast. Go for pure metal for the best results or a blend of these metals. Silver may not scratch easily but it discolors fast due to oxidation.

Color choices
Metals have different colors. Depending on the design you want, you can have a ring that has an outstanding color that goes beyond the yellow gold of the traditional ring. You can get a ring that combines two metals to give an interesting design or you can stick to single colored rings. Some rings have interesting colors such as tungsten that comes in black, white and gray colors.

Ability to resize
Some metals are easy to resize than others. If in future your finger size changes, you may have a hard time resizing your ring if you use metals like black ceramic, titanium and tungsten. Others  such as cobalt chrome make it easy to resize without adding or removing metal from the ring.