Hurry If You Are Planning an Ottawa Wedding in 2017

In 2017, Canada will celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation and Ottawa is planning to be THE epicentre of national celebrations! The City of Ottawa is promoting an Ottawa experience like never before to celebrate Canada’s 150th. All this activity will impact wedding plans you have for Ottawa and surrounding area for 2017.


The City of Ottawa 2017 is planning 12 months of bold events, immersive experiences and all-out celebrations, complementary to federal government plans and to recurring annual festivals, events and attractions in Canada’s Capital. In addition there will be Signature Events, and community celebrations organized at the local level across the city.

This means that Ottawa 2017 will boost tourism and generate a massive economic impact in the process. It is estimated that it will have over a $230M in GDP impact and generate more than 3,000 jobs to the province’s economy.

Wow that’s fantastic for Ottawa. But what will that mean to those brides and grooms wanting a wedding in Ottawa throughout 2017?

1- Some popular venues will not be available. Already the museums where many weddings occur are not taking bookings. They are concentrating on the events that will happen there for 2017.

2- Limited hotel space. With the boost in tourism, you can bet that hotel space will be scarce. If you are want to block some rooms for your guests, better do it early.

3- Restaurants will be busy. Another by-product of tourism is busy restaurants. Whether you want a restaurant as a venue or just to have a reception dinner, book early.

4- Traffic. The downtown core will be congested with traffic. People will be flocking to the events throughout the city. You will need to plan for timing accordingly.

I’ve talked to a few brides and grooms who have decided that holding their wedding at a location on the fringes of Ottawa is the best bet. Certainly, that seems like a good idea.

Another option is to embrace the many activities and attractions. Make the Ottawa 2017 experience part of your excitement for the wedding.

Whether you do one or the other, you will still need to make decisions a little quicker than usual to ensure your plans come together. Ottawa 2017 will be a fabulous place to be – so start planning now.