5 Tips on How to Get the Best from Your Live Band for Your Wedding

You’ve finally decided to go for a live band at your wedding reception, rather than a DJ! However, just because you’ve agreed (at last) to the type of entertainment doesn’t mean you’re done just yet. You have to pick out the best one for you and your needs. You need a band that suits your style, knows your core demographic and can pull out a surprise or two – a metal band playing a bit of Glenn Miller? It has happened.


If your live band fits you and your crowd well, you’ll all have a great time. Dancing is infectious and if you can talk to your band and build up a relationship, the dancefloor will never be empty. Here’s how you start that process.

1- It’s not just about the reception

Many bands are all-rounders – they can bash out some pop or rock hits for a couple of hours, then two or three of the members can peel away and provide some light background music for cocktail hour. If you can find a band that can do this, bag them immediately as it’ll save you lots of money and time.

2- Can they bring in a friend to add a cultural twist?

You might fancy a Latin American interlude, so ask if your band knows a Latin percussion player, or a Spanish vocalist. You might even hire someone who can teach guests some basic salsa steps from the stage! Alternatively, people looking for a wedding band hire in Manchester often need the Jewish Hora song playing at their reception. If you can find a clarinet player to join in, you’ll add a really authentic sound that the older guests in particular will love.

3- Ask your band about their individual specialities

OK, so there’s one main singer, but what about the others’ voices? Is there a smoky jazz voice? Is one of the members really into country? Or are there a couple who work duets really well? If the band members have diverse (as well as overlapping, of course) tastes and repertoires, then you’ve got more chance of keeping everyone happy.

4- Can your band provide other services

If your band can offer you lighting, or other special effects, then you’ll save quite a bit of money by hiring them. Click here to read more about special effects. Additionally, if one or more of the band members is a DJ (professional or otherwise), you could engage them for the quieter interludes, or when the rest of the band needs a drink and a chicken leg from the buffet.

5- Plan for the after-party

The guys have played their hearts out and now it’s time for them to rest – or is it? Ask about playing late at the after-party. If they’re up for it, brilliant! If they’re just too tired, or they have an early start the next day, how about asking just their DJ-ing chum to stay behind for a couple of hours to keep everyone going?