Up Your Glam Quotient with a 3 Saree Makeovers

There has been a virtual storm in the saree landscape with regards to the ways of draping it. Now you can really look forward to wearing the saree with a really new twist and pop the eyeballs of the folks around you. Saree-wearing seems to have no bounds at all; right from experimenting with the drapes to chucking the petticoat for a pair of jeans, nothing seems quite impossible for the fashion brigade intent upon rediscovering the magic of the fabric that has enthralled Indians for thousands of years. Read on and let your imagination run amok.

The Long and Short of the Saree Story

For those who have always associated with sarees with mile-long fabrics, designer Anavila Misra recently showed how dramatic her rich handloom sarees could look when the pallu was super-short making it at the same time super-practical too. Ladies who want to highlight the fabric of the saree can let the pallu be aligned and crisply draped keeping the portion falling on the back very short making for a completely fresh and stylistic look. For those who have gone dreamy-eyed looking at photos of western brides sweeping the floor with the trains of their bridal dresses, you could consider trying on the same look with your saree. Keep in mind that you would need to wear those high heels for best effect though.

Another very fun way of making a fashion statement with your saree is to ditch the conventional heavy and shimmery pallus to opt for a featherweight and buttery one that can tease the onlookers in a very fun way with its sheer contemporary looks. Go on and make all the heads turn at the party. Sarees can be really naughty as you very well know but maybe you have never tried to get knotty! Vaishali, a saree designer recently made waves by adding a knot on the pallu just at the shoulder level of a dull gold-accented monochrome saree to show off the blouse to great dramatic effect. You can even add a little bling to the knot to add to the excitement like Bollywood divas.

1. The Tulip Drape

tulip drap

Anamika Khanna made quite a splash with an outraging stylish drape that served to establish more firmly her already considerable reputation as a fashion designer of note. The style employs a short saree, ideally between 2.5 and 3 meters in length. Where it becomes startling is that you abandon the conventional petticoat and instead pair the saree with leggings, flared pants, dhoti pants or any other such bottom-wear to create an outstandingly astonishing look. The next time you want to buy designer salwar suits for a special party think if you can wow the crowd with this style instead.

2. The Wavy Drape

wavy drape

For those opting for heavy sarees but wanting to do something eye-catching, Anamika Khanna has invented what she terms as ‘the wavy drape”. The draping procedure remains the same as that for a conventional drape but the twist lies in how the pallu is pleated, and parted at the front to create a wavy look that is simply sublime. You can use a waist belt tied right across the bodice on top of the drape to create a stunning look.

3. The Knot Saree Drape

knotty drape

Nikhil Thampi, another young designer who has been creating all the right waves in the fashion circuit presented the knot saree drape in the 2013 edition of the Lakme Fashion Week. It is ideal for a highly-fashionable appearance or a party that is really funkywhere the guests would not bat an eyelid with your saree experimentation. You drape the saree conventionally but instead of proceeding to make the shoulder pleats, you just gather the fabric roughly and throw it over the left shoulder and pin it. On top of the bodice wear a waist belt in such a way that the pallu is left hanging at the back. A large knot needs to be tied at the end of the pallu leaving 6-7 inches free at the end. You can experiment with more knots in the pallu for extra effect.

Author bio: Sujain Thomas is a fashion columnist for a leading print magazine. She also writes a popular column advising customers on how to buy designer salwar suits and sarees online. She recommends Jomso.com.