Bridal Mothers, Please Don`t Wear Beige!

There are so many times at a wedding that I see the mother-of-the-groom or mother-of-the-bride wear beige! Like they are supposed to be unseen and melt into the background. I asked my friend, Frank Sukhoo, fashion designer extra-ordinaire, what can be done?

I guess somewhere it is written in some etiquette book that the mother-of-the-bride (MOB) and mother-of-the-groom (MOG) are not to look too good at their son or daughter’s wedding. They don’t want to be seen as upstaging them.

OK. I get the not upstaging bit. I certainly agree that MOB, MOG or any other woman should wear “white”, or whatever shade the bride is wearing. However, this is 2016! MOBs and MOGs, you are strong women in your own right. So go ahead be stylish.

This begs the question of what is fashionable stylish for a MOG or MOB to wear. I put the question to my designer extra-ordinaire friend, Frank Sukhoo. As it turns out, Frank creates many custom outfits for MOGs and MOBs.

What’s hot this year:

  • Pastels
  • Fitted tops
  • Flowing bottoms
  • All lengths of skirts
  • Sleeker looks

You can see the style of dress between us in our picture.

Frank and Me