Diamonds Are NOT the Only Girls Best Friend For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of those iconic for wedding proposals. For those couples getting engaged, many are looking at colored stones in their rings rather than diamonds. This trend is increasing – and I love it.

Over the last few years, I’ve seen an increasing number of brides sporting a colored gem stone in their engagement ring. Some say it is because of Princess Kate’s ring. Well, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, I love this trend. It breaks the cliche and allows you to be unique and out-of-the-box.

I asked Trumpet and Horn for their advice on choosing a diamond or a colored gem stone:

1. Colored stones vs. diamonds is largely a preference & style thing! Sometimes a colored stone is just more interesting or unique than a diamond, which is considered “traditional” by today’s standards for an engagement ring. Colored stones are often less expensive (and sometimes MUCH less expensive) than diamonds of the same size, so going for a colored stone is sometimes a way to get a larger stone for less money.


2. Diamonds are the hardest of all gemstones, so they are the most durable for people with hands-on lifestyles. Sapphires and rubies are also incredibly hard stones and are just fine for daily wear. Emeralds are a little softer, so more care must be taken if you choose to wear an emerald on a daily basis – like paying closer attention to not wearing your ring during strenuous & potentially harmful activities, such as: exercising, yoga, doing the dishes, gardening, showering, sleeping, and rock-climbing. Opals and pearls are even softer than emeralds, so paying extra special care and attention is even more necessary to ensure your ring won’t be damaged. Insurance for any engagement ring (regardless of your center stone) is always a must!


3. We’ve seen that blue & green stones are the most popular right now, including: sapphire, aquamarine, opal, and emerald. Both yellow and rose gold are very popular for the band color with colored stones.



4. Simple settings with a bit of a unique twist seem to be the most popular at the moment.


Source: Trumpet and Horn