Over The Moon Wedding

I enjoy performing wedding ceremonies. But feedback like this really puts me over the moon.

Every wedding is unique to the bride and groom. I put my best effort to make their day. When I walk away from the venue, I need to know in my heart that I did my utmost for them.


I am touched by every couple I meet. Their smiles and tears are precious. That is where I get my personal satisfaction and motivation to continue doing this gig.

The emails I get back are always so amazing. They make me cry with happiness because they acknowledge that I was appreciated. Here is one I just received that moved me:


We are over the moon happy with your performance at our wedding. Please see the attached pictures we have received so far from our special day. Some of the comments we received from our parents and our guests is that you were personal, funny, a great public speaker, genuine and “ran the ceremony like a pro” lol. Luc and I are so happy we were able to have you head our ceremony. Hopefully we followed all the tips you gave us on positioning for the kiss etc! lol
Please know that you do a fantastic job and anyone that hires you for their special day can sit back and relax because you have all the details and intimacy handled. 
Thank you +++
Natalie and Luc
I have been performing weddings for 12 years. My wife says I fall in love with my couples. I have loved over 1000 brides and grooms and will continue to do so.