How Much Work is a DIY Tent Wedding?

There are brides and grooms who opt to have a tent wedding in someone’s yard. These can be awesome if done right. However do you know how much work goes into doing it right?

The appeal of a DIY tent wedding is many fold. It can be an intimate setting because it is in your backyard. It is a “natural” outdoor setting. What most people feel is that it is more affordable than a rented venue.

The idea that a tent wedding is more affordable and easy may not quite be true.

You need to:

  • source, rent and coordinate the set-up of the tent.
  • ensure that no by-laws are broken
  • inform/warn your neighbors that a party will be happening
  • be responsible for the drinking at your event
  • have a bad weather contingency
  • have pest controls in place – no one likes mosquitoes
  • rent addition washroom facilities

If you have any doubt as to the effort that goes into putting together a tent event, please follow the video link to watch the mounting of a 66 foot by 122 foot tent, and its decoration.

Click on image for 4min video

What struck me was the amount of labor involved in putting this together. Look at all the people buzzing around to mount the tent, putting decor, tables, food, DJ and on and on.

The result is beautiful. Are you willing to invest this amount of time and energy?