4 Tips in How to Choose a Wedding Saree

Marriage is like stepping into a brand new life for women. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and you certainly wish to make it a memorable one. You want to look your best as everyone’s eyes will be on you. You should dress up with a lot of care on your big day so that you are truly the show stealer. An Indian woman loves to look awesome in a beautiful bridal saree or may be a splendid lehenga.

Saree Blue

Most women in India still wear stunning sarees on their wedding day. However, today there has been a shift from the usual traditional Banarasi sarees to designer wedding sarees. The bridal saree should be given maximum importance as it plays a pivotal role in enhancing the beauty of the bride-to-be. It is a truly challenging task to choose the right bridal saree.

It is a good idea to do meticulous planning and setting a budget at the very beginning. Do ample research and check out the massive collection of stunning designer sarees online, before making your final choice. Here are some vital tips that would guide you in finding the most suitable saree for you.

Examine the Fabric

You must never forget that the fabric of a saree helps to enhance your beauty. The right fabric may help you look trim and slim, while choosing the wrong type of fabric would make you look unnecessarily bulky. Silk should always be your first preference for bridal wear.

The fabric should also, be very comfortable as the bride needs to wear it for long rituals. The saree should be soft to touch and light to feel. It should not get easily creased and should hold without really getting messed up. Though silk is the best choice, the fact is that it is pretty expensive. You could even opt for chiffon or a brocade saree as per your personal choice.

Choose the Right Color

Indian brides have full freedom in wearing a bridal saree in whatever color she desires. Though pink and red are the most popular colors for bridal saris, many women opt for other vibrant colors such as yellow, turquoise, green, burgundy, purple, orange, blue or any color that catches their fancy. However, you need to choose the right color for your sari as it is important to wear a color that complements your skin tone.

Generally a fair-complexioned bride could go for bright colors. Even dark-complexioned brides or if you are on the bulkier side, it is better to wear darker shades to make you look bright and slimmer. Your bridal saree should complement and highlight your jewelry. Choose a color accordingly. Try out sarees in various colors and then choose the one that enhances your beauty and looks stunning on you.

Select the Best Designs

You could go for dazzling designer saris as they are usually perfectly balanced as far as designs go. You could also, go for authentic silk bridal wear, but you need to focus on the designs before making the final choice. Avoid unnecessarily heavy designs as that would feel pretty uncomfortable if you were to wear it for hours at a stretch.

Look for stunning, but delicately embroidered designer sarees that would make you look glamorous and at the same time keep you feeling nice and comfortable. Heavy embroidery, too much zari work or embellishments would undoubtedly add to the grandeur, but could make you feel a bit uneasy on your wedding day. It is however, best to choose that catches your fancy. As a bride you must feel happy and so buy whatever you like and think you would carry with confidence and ease.

Pay a Lot of Importance to the Blouse

Blouse is an important and integral part of a bridal saree. So give a lot of attention to the blouse you intend to wear with your bridal sari. A blouse can make or break the entire pursuit. You could buy a contrasting or matching designer blouse. You could choose heavily embroidered blouse or a gorgeous blouse with eye-catching embellishments such as sequins, stones etc. Wear blouses that not only look amazing, but those that feel comfortable too. Remember that some fabrics could be ideal for winter, while some should be avoided during the sultry summer.

Go out and do some window shopping for a few days. Browse through online shopping sites. Compare the designs and prices. Do not make hasty decisions. Take your time and make the best choice. Look your very best on your Big Day!

Author Bio: Simran Chaddha is a US based fashion consultant. She is passionate about her work. In her spare time she enjoys blogging. She often advises her clients to check out the amazing collection of designer sarees online.