The 5 Most Unique Places You Can Actually Get Married in Ottawa

Choose a ceremony or reception venue that’s unique to instantly set the scene for a wedding your guests will never forget. Bonus: You’ll seriously save on decorations — these supercool spaces speak for themselves.

Mill St

Museum Venues

The Museum of History, Museum of Nature, War Museum, Aviation and Space Museum have spaces to rent after-hours. You’ll have exhibits as your backdrop (like a historic propeller plane or awesome dinosaur skeleton), which are not only jaw-dropping but the perfect conversation starter for your guests.

Converted Buildings

Wedding venues are popping up all across the country in buildings that at one time had an entirely different use. Former barns, warehouses, monasteries, factories and even airplane hangars can be rented out for your party—like your wedding. These unconventional and raw spaces are like blank canvases that can be decorated to fit almost any theme or aesthetic, not to mention that the addition of flowers and décor creates a beautiful contrast. Examples are Stonefields Heritage Farm, Evermore, Mill St Pub


Public parks provide some of the prettiest backgrounds you’ll find for your fete—not to mention your wedding photos. And while they’re the perfect spot for an intimate, casual wedding, pulling off an affair on a grander scale can be done. The trick? Scout out the scene and do your research: Many public spaces require you to apply for a permit ahead of time and will have some restrictions as far as bringing in rentals, sound, equipment, and food and drinks. You can have your ceremony at the Rockliffe Pavilion or full event at the Cumberland Heritage Village.


Love the water? Plan to wed on any vessel, whether it’s a sailboat, yacht, riverboat or ferry. Your guests will love it, and your photographer will be thankful for the changing backgrounds throughout the day. You can get your own private boat or rent through Capital Cruises. 

Theaters/ Art Galleries

If you’re into the arts, theaters like the National Arts Centre, GCTC are set up for entertaining.  For a really unique experience you can rent the Mayfair Movie Theatre. Love the theater but want to get married outside? Then go for the amphitheater in Andrew Haydon Park. There are numerous art galleries who would also love to host your event. You can consider the Orange Gallery, Cube Gallery among others.