Bridal Beauty: Stay Radiant Until The End Of Your Reception

Choosing the perfect look for your wedding day is a special process, and it’s one that is unique to every bride. Your look should reflect your personal style while also fitting with the style, colors and theme of your wedding. There are many bride makeup ideas like eye makeup ideas online, as well as many tutorials for wedding hair and makeup, but there’s a fact those features often overlook.


On your best day, makeup can run, smudge and get disheveled. On your wedding day, there’s no time to deal with that. Quick bathroom runs to touch up your eyeliner or blot an oily face are out of the question. You can choose great products that will hold up til the last dance at your reception without compromising your look or style.

Always Pick Primer

For long lasting wear, one of the best products you can use is a silicone based redness correcting primer. Don’t let the green color of some of the products fool you- it applies completely clear and helps to neutralize red spots while filling in pores and creating an essential layer between your skin’s natural oils and your makeup. This helps keep makeup in place hours longer.

Use Mineral Cosmetics

Products such as mineral liquid foundation and makeup blushers tend to hold their place and stay radiant and lovely for a much longer time than standard drugstore or high end foundations. Mineral foundation, mineral contouring powder and mineral blush will set makeup nicely and last all day.

Try A Makeup Setting Spray

There are a number of products on the market branded as makeup setting sprays. The purpose of these products is to basically preserve your makeup as it is when you put it on to avoid the need for tons of touch ups. Not all of these sprays are great for your skin, though, so it’s best to pick a high quality and effective organic setting spray to leave you looking fresh and dewy.

Pick A Reliable Lip Color

Your lip color is going to be a big part of your bridal look, and you don’t want it flaking, fading, or worse, getting on your teeth. There are many long wear lip color options available. Simply brush the color carefully onto your lips, allow it to dry for a few seconds, and cover it with the accompanying clear gloss. Your lip color will stay perfect into the night, even during dinner.


When You Can Check Up, Blot

Inevitably, there will be a moment or two during your special day when you avail yourself of the powder room. When that happens, it can be tempting to touch up your makeup by adding more powder or concealer. Don’t do it! The layering can lead to unsightly flaking. Instead, carry a discreet packet of rice paper tissues, available at most beauty stores, to pat your face and absorb oil and debris. The job is done when the tissue you pat with remains opaque.

With these five great tips, no bride should fear smudged lipstick or a shiny forehead on her wedding day. Planning ahead and choosing cosmetic products designed for long wear will give you peace of mind on your special day.

About the Author : Through many years of research and practice in skin care and make-up field, Billy and his team at Tuya Cosmeticsare now developing new method with the care, experience and knowledge of the cosmetics industry.