Planning a Bachelorette Party to Be Remembered

The bachelorette party is the party every bride and her wedding party looks forward too. It is a great way for the bride to release some of the stress and frustration she has had to undergo while planning her dream wedding. It is increasingly important to put a lot of thought into the planning of the hen party to ensure the bride to be is happy with the party thrown in her honor.


Think of the Bride First

The number one fact you need to remember about planning a bachelorette party is who the party is for. Unless the party is a surprise party, it is crucial you speak with the bride to be and get her ideas and desires for the party. Understanding the hen’s vision for her hen party will prevent moments of discomfort and sadness. A bride who is not comfortable with strippers would not be happy to have three of them performing for her in front of her family and friends.

Guest List

No one knows better than the bride who should and should not be at the party. The bride knows that cousin Sally Sue and her sister are in a fight and should not be in the same room. She will know who is important to her to have in attendance and who she would rather not party with. Clear the list with her so she can feel comfortable and safe at her party.

Plan Ahead

The sooner you plan the better rates you will receive and the more likely you will have every guest attend. It is important to book your venue and activities early. For this reason, you need to set the date as early as possible. You want to have the party as close to the wedding day as you can, so plan carefully. Scheduling the party a week or two prior to the wedding is the norm. Once you have set the date, immediately send out invitations. The sooner the guest receive their invitation, the easier it will be for them to plan accordingly. It is fine to send out invitations via email or social media as long as everyone has the capability.

Bachelorette Party Ideas in Order

Hen party ideas can go from one extreme to another. The conservative bride may enjoy a tea party and a girl who loves to go clubbing may enjoy a party bus and a pole dancing class. The most important thing is you gather hen party ideas that will create the best party experience the bride and all the attendance will talk about for years to come.

One way to create memories and bond the bride to be and her guest together is by incorporating fun bachelorette party games. Bachelorette party games vary from clean to dirty. Knowing your bride and her guest will help you choose the appropriate type of games. The important thing to remember is the games need to be fun. Also, whatever games you choose to play, be sure they fit the personality of the bride to be. You do not want to embarrass her with games that do not suit who she is as a person.

Getting married is an exciting event in every woman’s life. Being given the opportunity to plan the hen party is a huge honor. You want to do all that you can to make this party a splashing success. Including the bride to be in the planning process will give you the appropriate bachelorette party ideas she will love and some ideas she will be surprised to experience.

Be sure to include everyone in the fun. The guest should feel a part of the excitement while enjoying the person you are there to honor. Make the bride feel special. Provide the guest of honor with attire that will make her stand out. It is her special night and you want everyone to know that. Most of all have fun. It is a party after all.

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