Wedding Cakes of 2015, Part 1

I have compiled pictures of wedding cakes from the weddings I’ve performed this year. They are real cakes couples had at their wedding. I hope they serve as inspiration for your upcoming wedding.

The wedding dessert seems to come in 3 types:

  1. Cake alone. Some are decorated with special toppers or to specific themes such as video games.
  2. Small Cutting Cake with cupcakes.
  3. Trending are donuts, macaroons, naked cakes and pie tables.

See Part 2 next week


Antlers Barn Cake Cake Cake2015-1 Cake2015-2 Cake2015-3 Cake2015-4 cake2015-5 Cake2015-6 Cake2015-7 Cake2015-8 Cake2015-9 Cake2015-10