5 Creative Wedding Memorable Gift Ideas

You’ve watched them fall in love and now it is their big day. You want to get the most creative wedding gifts for the couple but you don’t know where to start. Here are five good wedding gifts ideas that are sure to say that you care.

wedding gift

1. Cash with a Twist

Cash is always welcome for newlyweds. A Benjamin or two will help them enjoy their honeymoon, pay for a night on the town, help them complete their registry, or buy them a week or two’s worth of groceries. There are a myriad of ways to present cash creatively. Cash origami is always a hit – think a fortune cookie or a money rose. Puns usually elicit a chuckle, or at least a snort. Stuffing a few bills in a matchbox as “money to burn” is one idea. A unique cash and unique wine gift idea would be to gift a favorite bottle of wine with two wine glasses filled with rolled up bills.

2. Experiences

A great way to personalize your gift is to give the gift of experience. Really, the sky is the limit on this one. Literally, you could give them a skydiving gift certificate. Think about what the couple likes. Are they into concerts? Outdoor adventures? Watching movies? Fine dining? Tickets to events, a zip lining package, TV subscriptions or a movie theater gift card, and a gift card to the fanciest restaurant in town are all respectively creative wedding gifts.

3. Photo Memories

A wedding photo album engraved with the couple’s names and their wedding date is a beautiful gift. Another idea is to frame their wedding invitation so that they can proudly display it in their home. Giving a gift card for a company that prints photo canvases is also an exciting gift for the couple. They could choose a favorite picture from their day and have it made. Photo gifts are particularly special because they will be transported back to that special time every time they look at the picture or album.

4. Use Your Skills

This one requires a bit of effort but will have great results. Use your talents to create a unique gift for the couple. Put photography skills to use by giving a photo session or a special framed picture. Similarly, creating a charcoal sketch of the couple from one of their engagement photos is a special gift. Making a quilt, giving dancing lessons, offering landscaping services – it could be anything!

5. Wine

A bottle of chardonnay or sauvignon blanc is a supremely romantic gift for a newlywed couple. Include a little note instructing the couple to save the bottle for their first anniversary or gift a basket of perfectly paired food are two of many great wine gift ideas. You can check out a red wine online shop for other creative ways to present wine to the couple – there are many beautiful boxes and wrappings for bottles of wine.

About the author : Sally is a writer at iGiftwine, who believes the act of giving is an essential part of life. With many years working in champagne and wine gift online company, Sally has a lot of experiences to share and never stop learning new things.