Top 5 Must Have Groom’s Accessories

Wedding days are often hectic for women and more relaxed for men as the bride usually needs a couple of hours to get ready while the groom tends to take a shower, put on a well ironed suit and go. Sure, ideally wedding days should be more relaxed but men should make an effort and look top notch on their wedding day.

Top 5 accessories for grooms

Choosing the right suit, investing in a great pair of shoes and looking polished with a great hair style and a moisturized face are important things for any groom. But sometimes, grooms stop at the getting dressed part. They do not give so much thought and attention to the little style details that make a significant difference to their look; taking their suit from ordinary to fabulous.

I have come up with a list of the top 5 accessories for grooms. You can look as chic as your bride to be.

The Watch

This accessory is the equivalent of diamond drop earrings brides wear. Although not a customary accessory, the watch really does complete a groom’s look as it is such a man’s staple accessory. Choose a watch that has a classic style rather than one that is on trend at the moment, so that it will still look stylish when you skim through your wedding photos decades after.


Wearing a customized accessory on your big day is a special touch that will show how much of an effort you have made. Go for something small like custom lapel pins or custom cuff links; wear monogrammed socks or an engraved tie clip and see how touched your bride will be.

The Suit Pocket

You may want to go modern and not wear a boutonniere but leaving your suit pocket empty gives grooms an unfinished look. If you don’t want to wear a flower, then invest in a pocket square. Choose to match it to your tie or go for a whimsy pattern to add a touch of fun to your formal suit.

The Cuff links

Why is it that so many men still ignore the most elegant piece of accessory they have at hand? Cuff links exude sophisticated elegance and it is always refreshing to see men wearing this accessory, even for a day at the office. With this said, make sure you wear cuff links on your wedding day − plastic buttons should not be anywhere in sight when you are holding your bride’s hand and saying your vows, instead, cuff links that reflect the style of your suit should be shown.

The Handkerchief

You can never really know how overwhelmed with emotion you will be on your wedding day. You may not be a crier but wedding days tend to bring out everyone’s soft nature. With this in mind, make sure that you have a beautiful handkerchief in your trouser pocket − go for a clean ivory one or choose a dark pattern so that if you or your bride need to wipe away those happy tears, you won’t be photographed doing so with paper tissues.

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