3 Great Ways to Propose

Your heart races when you see her. You’ve found your best friend and you want to be with her forever. Now is the time to start planning how you will propose. You and she will remember this moment for the rest of your lives and it’s your job to make it special. Here’s a break down of 3 great ways to propose to your future wife.



The first proposal idea is pretty epic. It is basically a scavenger hunt around town where your girlfriend has to revisit key areas or businesses that are special to you both. At these destinations, she will have to find clues that determine where she goes next. The end result is that she arrives at a totally new destination where she finds you on one knee, ready to propose!
Chances are that you both have made some great memories around your hometown. Restaurants that you frequent together, the church you both go to, or the ice cream shop where you first met. Start by writing down a list of 4-5 places like these that are special to you both. Then you need to be creative and setup a clue at each of these locations that will be fairly easy for your girlfriend to find. Perhaps, you write down what makes that particular location special to you and her. Then, somewhere within the clue, you alert her on where the next destination will be. At the second to last place she revisits on this little quest, put an address on the clue that will bring her to perhaps a restaurant or other romantic location that is new to you both. When she gets there, you will be waiting for her on one knee with a ring in your hand. This proposal idea is pretty cheap and unique. It will surely be a story you both will tell for the rest of your lives. The materials you will need will be perhaps a rose at each location, some paper, and a lot of creativity. Perhaps get one of her best friends involved so she doesn’t drive around town all by herself. Maybe have a bunch of friends and family at the last destination ready with champagne to celebrate her saying, “YES!”



The second idea revolves around couples that either live near the beach or are perhaps visiting a romantic beach. Guys, what you need to do is write a love poem on a piece of really nice parchment. The kind that looks antique. Put the poem into the bottle and cork it. Then before you have a romantic evening at the beach, all you have to do is plant it in the sand near where you will be getting cozy. Propose the idea of making a sand castle together and while you’re digging in the sand, allow her to find the bottle. As she opens the parchment, you get down on one knee and present the ring. She will love it and what a story for her to tell her friends!
The “Proposing at the Beach” idea is very inexpensive. Granted you have to be at a beach but the rest is just an old antique bottle and the parchment. Go to any antique store or flea market and you will easily be able to acquire a really cool and unique bottle with a cork. This costs next to nothing and will be the key to your whole proposal. Don’t just use any old bottle or it won’t be as mysterious to her when she sees it. The parchment can be purchased online for less than 10 bucks. The best part is that it comes antique looking which is what you are going for. The rest is up to you. Maybe have a dinner prepared on the beach after the proposal, maybe after she says yes, you break out the champagne and go for a walk. It’s all up to you guys, be creative, she’s going to remember this forever!


The third idea for proposing to your girlfriend is sure to win her heart. It requires careful planning and implementation though. This idea also requires a long term commitment from you both so if you aren’t into that, then skip this one. Go to a humane society and adopt either a kitten or a puppy. Put the ring on the collar of the kitten or puppy and give it to your significant other as a Christmas present, birthday gift, Easter present, or just about any other time when giving a gift is customary. She will fall in love with the new pet instantly and when she begins to inspect the collar, this is your cue to drop down to one knee and begin proposing. For many years you will have that new pet and it will always be a constant reminder of when you proposed.
We recommend adopting a pet from the humane society. This makes the proposal extra special. After all, you just saved an animal’s life right? This normally doesn’t cost much. Perhaps budget a max of $100 for the pet, the food, and all the accessories involved in taking care of an animal. Before you go ahead with this idea, be sure to ask your future wife what types of animals she likes and specific breeds. Most major metropolitan areas have a number of humane societies so check out a number of them and pick out the perfect proposal helper!


The author, Dane Kolbaba, is an owner at Denver Party Ride, a luxury transportation company located in Denver, Colorado.  While specializing in weddings and other special life events, Denver Party Ride has lots of experience working with brides and grooms, wedding planners, and officiants.  They have become a trusted source for anything wedding related.