8 Wedding Dress Shopping Do’s

Choosing a wedding dress can seem like a daunting yet exciting task. With so much emphasis being placed on how the bride looks, it is no surprise that brides can get  frazzled in their search. Over the years I’ve learned a few things about what makes a bride look stunning in her dress. Here are 8 Wedding Dress Shopping Do’s.

Alan’s suit provided by Surmesur
Do: Match your look to your wedding location. If you’re having a traditional ceremony with a formal reception, go for a classic, timeless gown style such as an A-line with a sweetheart neckline. If you are getting married outdoors in an afternoon garden ceremony; consider a strapless sheath made of a light material. For a destination wedding on a beach, choose a flirty knee-length gown with funky shoes as your nontraditional wedding attire.
Do: Wear good footwear. You will be on your feet for most of the day. You need comfortably broken in shoes. There are fun options available besides regular shoes. Explore sporting something that is your personality, such as a pair of western boots, sneakers or pumps. Absolutely avoid flip-flops or crocks.
Do: Dare to defy tradition. If you don’t want to don the traditional white A-line gown, explore your options. Make sure you match the dress code you’ve established for your guests.
Do: Choose a veil or train that suits your location. For example delicate long veils and trains do not do well in an outdoor wedding where they will be dragged on the ground.
Do: Choose the right color of wedding white for your skin tone, no matter what style you pick.
Do: Let your personality show through your accessories. Give a traditional gown a fun twist with a colorful sash or large, flashy earrings, or keep your style poised and polished with a simple pearl necklace and earrings.
Do: Keep an open mind when it comes to style. Strapless dresses are not for everyone. Try on many different types of gown— you never know how they’ll fit until you take them off the hanger.
Do: Pick the right foundation undergarments. Many bridal salons recommend choosing pieces that closely match your skin tone, and there are many varieties of body-shaping products that will perfect your silhouette no matter how slinky the gown… and keep the “ladies” in.