5 Steps to Follow When Searching for a Wedding Photographer

Finding a photographer for your wedding can be much harder than hiring a caterer or florist. With photography, you can’t be quite sure what you will get until after the fact, whereas with catering, you can taste, smell and see the food before you hire them. Finding the right photographer for your wedding requires proper research and time put into meeting potential candidates as well. So how do you know which photographer will be right for you? Here are five steps to follow when you are searching for your wedding photographer.


Think About What Style of Photography You Want

This is an important step because it will help you decide where to start your search for a photographer. There are several different styles of photography available for weddings that are outlined here:

Documentary: These photos are not styled, however the photographer will take styled and posed photos of the wedding party even if they are a documentary or journalistic photography type. This is one of the most popular styles and captures the moments of spontaneity of the day. These photographers are rarely seen or in the way; they take their photo and they are off on the hunt for the next best shot.

Portraiture: These photographers prefer to pose you and your partner and wedding party whenever they can. This is a much more formal photography style and is suitable for those who do not mind waiting while the perfect shot is set up.

Edgy: These photographers break the mold of traditional wedding photography. Their photos can include extreme angles, shots from above or below a subject, around objects or framed as something in the foreground or background. This style is perfect for someone who isn’t having a traditional wedding.


Do Your Research and Read Testimonials

Most photographers have testimonials right on their site from brides and grooms that they have worked with in the past. If they do not, ask them for some referrals or other clients that you may be able to contact. Photographers should be happy to provide you with any additional testimonials or reviews as they may have more than one site that they have reviews on, such as WeddingWire.

Compare Packages from Several Photographers Whose Work You Like

What are you really getting for what you are paying? Photographers are not cheap, so packages that start at at least $1000 is no surprise. This is quite higher in bigger cities, with photographers in New York City starting at about $2500 to $3000. Make sure you understand exactly what you are getting for the price you pay, including how many hours the photographer will be at your wedding, any prints available afterward, how long the turnaround time is to receive your photos back and if there is a second shooter included in the rate. If you have any questions or are not clear about everything in the package, always contact the photographer for clarification.


Ask to See a Couple of Full Wedding Albums from the Prospective Photographer

Photographers choose only what they consider to be the best photos to be displayed in galleries on their website, but as a prospective client, you should look at a full wedding album by the photographer and go through it with a critical eye. Did the photographer capture all or most of the moments that you want at your wedding, such as the grooms expression when he sees his bride for the first time? Are all of the photos clear and edited well? What about thoughtful compositions and how the bridal party are posed? These photos will help you decide if this photographer is for you.

Set Up an Appointment to Meet the Photographer

You and your partner need to feel relaxed and at ease with your photographer. It is best to meet him or her before booking to make sure your personalities mesh with one another. If you are uncomfortable with your photographer, it can show in photos. You want someone who is right for you and who understands what you are looking for. If their work is great, the price is what you are comfortable with and you all get along well, this is the photographer for you.

About the Author:

This article was written by Theresa Gibson, savvy wedding blogger and social media manager at Top10WeddingVendors.com, a leading go-to vendor guide for brides across North America. To connect with Theresa, follow her on Facebook.