Ten Things You Need to Consider in Your Wedding Ring Purchase

Wedding rings and key rings are two things that we carry on us wherever we are going, for the best part of our lives, but wedding rings, unlike the latter, require a number of things to be considered before they are purchased.


Choosing a metal you are set to wear for the rest of your life carries some pressure so here is a list of ten things you should decide on, so that you make the best wedding band decision for you and your partner.

Lifestyle: You must love the look of your wedding band but more importantly, your wedding band must suit your lifestyle. If you work with your hands then a simple band would be better while you can afford to go for a more elaborate piece if you work in cleaner environments.

Metal: Even if you are not investing a lot of money on your wedding ring, make sure the metal is of high quality. Your rings should have two marks — the manufacturer’s trademark as well as the quality mark.

Engagement ring issue: As a woman, you need to make sure that the wedding band fits well with your engagement ring to avoid scratching one or the other and you should consider having them match in style as well.

Size: You are going to wear your wedding band everyday — summer and winter — so it is imperative that you choose the right size by asking the professional opinion of your jeweller.

Match: As a couple, you should ask yourselves whether you want your rings to match in some way, be it in the style, marked with an engraving or with diamonds. If you want them to match, then make sure you start looking early as you might need custom bands.

One or more: These days, we are seeing more women opt for multiple thin bands which they stack up along with their engagement ring or wear just one thin ring on its own.

Finish: Decide whether you want your wedding bands to be brushed where they will have a textured feel or polished to look shiny.

Style: Do your research to learn about the variety of wedding bands out there. You can go for white gold, gold, platinum or rose gold and you can even blend. There are also decisions about diamonds, the thickness of the bands, and questions about modern or classic styles to be made. The possibilities are endless.

Trends: Be mindful of trends. Remember that your wedding ring must look as beautiful to you now as fifty years from now. Make sure that whatever you choose it will have a timeless quality about it to fit throughout the years.

Choose for you: Family members, friends and your jeweler will all have their say about how a wedding ring should look but ultimately, this ring is a reflection of your personality so make sure you decide on the band that reflects your style, as this is the most important and sentimental piece of jewelery you will own.


Author Bio: Regina is a fashion enthusiast. She enjoys empowering future brides and grooms through her writing tips. You can catch some of her works at Ties and Cuffs.