Wines For Your Wedding Reception

All the best wedding receptions are amply lubricated with lots of flowing wine! With so many types to choose from it can be daunting deciding what to serve and when to serve it – another worry on the growing wedding to-do list. But fear not as this helpful guide is on hand to give you advice and ideas on the best wines to top up your guests’ glasses with. 


Images by dpotera used under Creative Commons License.

Celebrate with a pop

It’s pretty much mandatory to serve Champagne at wedding receptions. Have waiters greet your guests with a glass of the bubbly stuff to set the tone for the night: a fun celebration for all to enjoy! Go all out with Moet and Chandon Champagne (you only get married once, after all) or order Prosecco instead (it’s cheaper and currently enjoying a major resurgence). You don’t need to serve this sparkling spritzer all night, just enough to take guests through the speeches so that they can make a toast in style.

Meal matching

When it comes to dining, this is where things can become a little confusing, even for the most knowledgable connoisseur. You might have a favorite wine that reminds you of a time you spent together, such as a holiday in France or California, or even a previous wedding that you met at. This is a lovely idea to go with and it saves fussing over what else to choose. 

Alternatively, here are some pointers on the differences in wines and how they will suit your menu:

– Pinot Grigio is a very popular light, crisp and fruity white wine with flavours like pear, apple and lime. This will go with salads, chicken and pasta dishes. 

– Merlot is a rich, dark and inky red wine, aged in oak barrels for a full bodied flavor. Serve with red meats, such as a good steak.

– Shiraz is a spicier kind of red wine with an intense dark cherry taste, often paired with Asian dishes. 

– Port is a dessert wine that helps wash down most sweet treats or is enjoyed just as much by itself. 

Seasonal ideas


Images by used under Creative Commons License.

The time of year that you have your wedding can effect all aspects of your wedding plans, including what beverages to serve. This is an opportunity to be quite creative and play with cute ideas. If you’re having a winter wedding, serve mulled wine for a bit of a festive feel and to keep guests nice and warm. Summer calls for cocktails! The Bellini is a classic, using Champagne and peaches – simple but super sophisticated and refreshing. 

Friends and family will appreciate a carefully selected wine but there’s really no need to stress too much about which one to choose. Just consider your menu and budget and you will definitely find the perfect tipple to suit your wedding reception. As long as everyone’s glass is topped up throughout the evening, they will be very happy.