Getting Married Abroad? Sun, Snow, Sand or Rice Paddy

I’ve been to many weddings across the world. They have included walking the cobbled streets in Venice alongside its famous canals, soaking up the sun on a St. Lucian beach and partying in the huge grounds on a Marbella estate. Getting married abroad is easier than ever, now the information is freely available online, the only difficult part is choosing the location.

CTG-Weddings-Heavenly Unity Wedding02

I recently came across a unique wedding guide produced by GHM Hotels that focused on four very different locations:

  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Hoi An, Vietnam
  • Andermatt, Switzerland
  • Muscat, Oman

The fact that the locations varied so much makes it’s a great starting point for anyone thinking of getting married abroad. From cold and snowy to hot and sandy, the four locations have been extensively researched with information on the paperwork needed to local customs. Even the weather is covered. The stunning wedding shots in Bali make me incredibly jealous, but seeing the historical and cultural backdrop on Hoi An and the amazing Nam Hai Hotel make me want to tie the knot all over again.


Getting married can be one of the best days of your life. It was for me and being surrounded by my good friends and family all combined to make for an amazing day. Of course, there are a lot of things to consider and ‘bridezillas’ are not uncommon. Whilst we used a number of wedding checklists, this particular guide comes with one for each location so it definitely helps alleviate the stressful parts of getting married.

Chedi Muscat Watergarden

Muscat was never really on my radar when considering a wedding overseas, but after reading the information and seeing the pristine golden beaches, and spectacular architecture I could easily be convinced nowadays. Sadly, you must live in Oman beforehand to have an official ceremony.


So, if you are recently engaged and looking to have a truly memorable wedding day, then why not check out this free wedding guide and see if one of these awe-inspiring destinations could be the location of the best day of your life.