8 Helpful Tips in Dressing for a Wedding as a Guest

If you need ideas on what to wear to a wedding as a guest, the following tips by Mahalia Brown can come in extremely handy.

  1. Don’t visit a clothing store to shop for a wedding until you have a good idea in mind of exactly what you need.

dress-864107_12802. If you’re female, refrain from wearing white. You don’t want to take the spotlight away from the beautiful bride, after all — it’s supposed to be the biggest day of her life. Stick to the rest of the color options out there.

3. Although female wedding guests should definitely make a point to not wear white at any weddings, they shouldn’t bother concerning themselves about any of their other color options. Feel free to wear any color you choose other than white. Although you may indeed end up in a color that’s the same or similar to other guests and members of the bridal party, for example, it’s not really realistic or possible to organize your outfit in advance with everyone who will be attending the event.

4. Dresses typically make good outfit choices for female guests at weddings. If the wedding is on the informal side, a short dress (although not too short) can be a great idea. If it’s a more formal affair, a full-length dress may be more suitable.

6. If you’re a female guest, rule our sequins and black attire for all daytime weddings. Although sequins are indeed lovely, they’re dazzling and therefore a bit too much for earlier events that take place when the sun is still out.

7. It’s also vital for all female guests to show respect for the people who invited them to the weddings. Since it’s not your own big day, you should make a point to wear something that’s suitable for the occasion. That means staying far away from any clothing that’s especially revealing. Low-cut tops that show a lot of cleavage, for example, aren’t a good idea. The same goes for extremely short mini skirts and especially tight, figure-hugging attire. If you select something that looks like it would fit in for a long night spent dancing at a nightclub, then that’s probably a sign that you shouldn’t wear it to a wedding.

8. Men in attendance at weddings typically can’t go wrong in wearing suits. If the wedding is more formal, opt for a suit in a darker color. Ties are also important for formal weddings. If the wedding is going to be especially formal, you may want to go all out and sport a tuxedo. If that’s the case, your wedding invitation will state that it’s a black tie affair. Just make sure to avoid tuxedos for daytime weddings — that’s a no-no.


Take these tips into consideration before you go shopping for wedding attire, whether you stop by the best online clothing store or the finest physical clothing retailer in your area.