4 Ways Technology Can Help Create Your Dream Wedding

When your parents got married, they probably sent out invitations on fancy cardstock, shopped for wedding attire in bridal stores, flipped through wedding magazines the size of phonebooks, and then showed off photos of the big day in a large and cumbersome album.

While weddings are still about love and commitment, the use of some pretty cool digital technology has streamlined and simplified the planning process. From apps and invitations to website building tutorials and more, many couples are saying yes to digital helpers before exchanging ‘I Dos.’ Here are just a few ways technology can help you plan the best day of your lives.

Wedding. Attractive bride with beautiful bouquet and mobile phone
Wedding. Attractive bride with beautiful bouquet and mobile phone

Paperless wedding invitations

Instead of paying big bucks to purchase and mail traditional wedding invitations, you might consider going paperless and sending out your happy news via emailed invites. As Huffington Post notes, going this route is not only an inexpensive way to let your guests know about your upcoming nuptials, it is also a practical, eco-friendly alternative to traditional invitations. A place like Paperless Post features gorgeous wedding invitations that are designed expressly for email.

If you’re not ready to take the paperless plunge with your official wedding invitations, you can always use Evites for your bridal shower, save the date notices and/or engagement parties.

The Knot Wedding Planner app

Planning a wedding can feel overwhelming at times. Thanks to The Knot Wedding Planner app, couples can use their smartphones to plan the big day, get ideas for the ceremony and reception, and even book the photographer and other vendors. Wedding Planner also features a handy budget tool that helps couples stay on track with their spending, plus more than 50,000 ideas from real weddings that can be filtered by things like color and category.

Create a wedding website

Rather than carry around a heavy photo album (or five, like your folks did), you can now create a website devoted to your wedding, photos and all. Visitors can read your love story, how and when the proposal took place and then return post-wedding to see all of the gorgeous photos that were taken on your big day. As a bonus, you and your beloved don’t have to work in the IT department to know how to create a website; as Top10BestWebsiteBuilders.com recommends, GoDaddy features a really cool website builder that even the most novice computer person can easily use to create a nice wedding website. The intuitive tool also features a variety of templates and customizable designs.

Use Instagram to collect photos

In the age of smartphones and selfies, chances are the professional wedding photographer will not be the only one snapping photos during the wedding and reception. To help your guests share their own candid shots with you and the rest of your friends and family, create an Instagram and assign a hashtag to it. This way, when people tag photos with the hashtag—something as simple as #JackAndJillWedding is perfect, except use your own names of course—the photos are available to anyone who searches the hashtag.

We are in a world where convenience is king, so why not use every convenient resource to your advantage? Let technology save you from a headache while planning your big day.