How-To Guide for Catering an Outdoor Wedding

There is nothing more beautiful than an outdoor wedding. Whether it is held in the most lush of tropical surroundings or during sunset on a secluded, clear blue water coastline. No matter where outdoor weddings takes place, you want to be sure to have a comfortable, and entertaining wedding reception. For those that choose a backyard wedding reception, or any type of outdoor wedding reception, you want to be sure to have a layout of wedding menu ideas and a list of available wedding caterers.


Wedding catering is extremely important in any wedding ceremony. There are many factors to creating the perfect menu for your wedding. Most wedding menus are created based on the couples favorites, heritage and ethnic background, as well as, uniqueness and creativity. Also, you have to know guests size of course. That’s wedding receptions 101.

No matter what is going to be served and where, you want to always have a back-up plan. For outdoor wedding receptions, there may be weather mishaps. Always have a secondary location set if such a case should occur. You also want to make sure that your caterer has experience with not only preparing and serving delicious cuisine, but also with catering in different types of surroundings. In such a case like this, you want to shop around for you caterer and ask to see some layouts of receptions or events hosted outdoors.

Another thing to remember is that you are serving your guest outside and, most likely, there will be alcoholic beverages. This may cause dehydration. So be sure to have a variety of non alcoholic beverages that are not only gratifyingly tasty, but also thirst quenching! It would really put a damper on the festivities if someone were to pass out due to dehydration.

Time your reception well to avoid the fact that your guests will be consuming alcohol which causes dehydration and the body to heat up. Do have your reception in the shade at high noon til evening. You may end up with a few heat strokes on your hands. And you don’t want a wedding where there are lots of pesky critters flying around, feeding on your guests either- prepare for insects.

When it comes to serving food outdoors, keep in mind the storage of your food that is being served up to your guests. Your food prep, most likely, will be done off site. So storage and temperature have to be accounted for especially when planning to serve your guests further into the reception. You are going to need plenty of hot and cold storage to ensure that your food is kept at the right temperature. The company you get to do your catering should account for this. Be sure to bring it up with your caterer during your planning stages.

Keeping these tips in mind will help your outdoor wedding and reception to go smoothly without incident.