Go Ahead! Add These Nontraditional Luxury Items to Your Wedding Registry

The traditional wedding gift registry has finally made its way into a time capsule and out of the 21st century. Goodbye to eight identical place settings of fine china; hello to mix-and-match vintage dishes. Why would you need a breadmaker, when you have a perfectly good bakery down the street?

beautiful wedding favors wrapped in cute boxes
beautiful wedding favors wrapped in cute boxes

It’s perfectly acceptable to add luxury items to your registry. This is your wedding and your priorities are different than other brides. Here are some ideas to get you started.

A Really Nice Digital Camera

If you don’t want any old budget compact camera that takes slightly better pictures than your iPhone, consider the sturdy dSLR Nikon D750, which delivers an excellent combination of quality, performance and features. It’s not a cheap camera. But lucky for you, there is a little website called Simple Registry that enables people to chip in what they can and buy a portion of the camera (or any other item). Using this website, you can register for anything from anywhere in the world.

Honeymoon Experience

Give guests a glimpse of what lies ahead on your honeymoon adventure and let them be a part of the enlightening journey. Honeyfund is a website that allows brides and grooms to have their own page dedicated to showing wedding guests where they are going and what they want to do. Guests can buy dinner, drinks, excursions, a portion of the hotel stay, island cruises, spa massages, etc. If you’re honeymooning in New York City, put tickets to a Broadway show on your list. Or if you’re going to Hawaii, ask your friends and family to send you scuba diving. This option allows you to make the most magical memories that can later be shared with the gifters. Plates chip and towels rip, but honeymoon memories last forever.

Crystal Chandelier

Whether you’re moving into a new home or remodeling your current abode, add luxury home items like a chandelier to your registry. Especially if it’s one of these Schonbek mini-pendants with Swarovski crystals that you’ve been drooling over. Your master bathroom or walk-in closet is screaming for something pretty, and now is the perfect time to ask for what you want. Surely, your mother-in-law and best friends will understand the urgency of getting this pendant into your possession.

Vintage Art

It should be required that all registries have at least one piece of vintage art on them. What a great gift to give and receive. From a commissioned copy of Monet’s Nympheas painted by an actual artist in France to a collection ofart deco prints initially created by 20th-century French illustrator George Barbier, vintage art is a beautiful addition to any modern bride’s registry.

Choose items that will not only make you squeal with joy but will stick around for years to come. Instead of feeling forced to conform to tradition, consider adding these or other items that you’ll be sure to enjoy.