Your Wedding Ceremony Decor Sets the Mood

Attention to detail is what can make the difference between a stunning wedding ceremony and one that is hum drum. Take the background to an indoor ceremony space as an example. Good use of decor will jazz it up to give a sense of importance.

When it comes to indoor ceremony space, there are many times when I find that the bride and groom have given it minimal consideration with respect to decor. It is true that the ceremony space is only occupied for at most one hour in total. However, it is the first thing that your guests see and experience about your wedding.

Your ceremony space decoration should be planned as part of your over decor. This is especially true if you are using a commercial venue such as banquet hall or hotel. Here are three examples of how some bride and grooms handled their decor to illustrate the impact.

Minimal- The decor consists of a simple arch in a room. It is rather unfortunate that the EXIT door is the backdrop. I see this all too frequently. A blank wall would have been an improvement.

No Backdrop

Adaptive- In this example, there were artistic glass doors behind an elegant arch. Candles on different level tables behind the door added interest. The use of existing architectural doors of this restaurant blended with the rest of the decor.

MVB Flowers

Created- This wedding took place in a banquet hall. You see how adding a backdrop adds elegance. In addition, this backdrop was the same style used for the head table in the room next to it. You have a unified feeling to the elegant decor.



One more piece of advice. When choosing your decor, you need to ensure that your are matching your style with the venue. If you have a modern/urban restaurant then you may not want to be rustic in your decor. The styles will clash. Watch to match style-to-style of modern/urban, rustic, and romantic.

Your ceremony space is an opportunity to set the mood for your wedding. Quality Entertainment has what you need to help you decorate your ceremony space so that it fits your theme.

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