Bridesmaid Dresses For Expectant Mothers

Being pregnant does not forfeit your right for a bridesmaid role. You can still enjoy and have fun dressing up for a dear friend’s wedding that you wouldn’t want to miss in the first place. So, here are a few tips to show you how to look glamorous even when you’re expecting.


Dressing appropriately regarding the venue
Pregnancy deals with a lot of hormonal transitions and changes in body temperature are inevitable. So, consider the venue of the wedding, if you think it would be too hot, wear a dress that is light and breathable.

If it is a colder place, choose a dress that is much thicker like velvet that would give ample warmth when temperatures start to drop down.

Consider the bridal theme
This part should be communicated entirely with the bride. Consider what she wants for her wedding, which includes the colors and the style of the dresses.

Best maternity dress styles

1. Empire-waist cut
This kind of dress will give you ample room for movement. The seams are just below the bust area, giving it some lift. It also effectively camouflages a little of the baby bump, so as not to make it a appear too big.

2. A-line dresses
This type of dresses are effective in drawing the eye away from the lower body. It minimizes the size of the tummy because of a wider hem. It also gives a very nice silhouette for any body type.
Don’t let pregnancy hinder you from having fun, especially when it is a celebration of love and life.