How to Be a Glowing Goddess on Your Wedding Day

You want to be a glamorous bride on your wedding day but still look like yourself. That means you really don’t want to hide your face under a huge amount of makeup. Fresh-faced and glowing skin is tops and easier to achieve than you think. Read on to discover how to let your complexion shine as brightly as your dazzling wedding ring.


Prime it Pretty

The first step in getting gorgeous skin without a lot of makeup is to coat your skin in primer. The most important part is that you want a product that will be hydrating so your skin doesn’t become dry.  Always apply primer about five or 10 minutes before you put on foundation to allow the skin to absorb it. The bonus about primers is that they will help your makeup stick to your skin for longer. If you have dry skin, your skin is more susceptible to looking dull so a primer tailored to this skin type will be creamy and light, while giving your skin the moisture it needs.

Lose the Powder

Wearing too much foundation and opting for powder not only makes you look too done up but it can lead to your face looking dry as well as highlighting any fine lines or wrinkles. Choose a liquid foundation and only apply a few dots of it to your face: one on each of your cheeks, one on your chin, and one on your forehead. Blend it well. The idea is to look like you’re not wearing any.

Illuminate Your Complexion

Illuminators are a must in your beauty bag on the day of your wedding. Knowing how to apply them can instantly make your skin luminous. They’re especially great when being photographed because they let the light catch your face from all angles. Amplify this effect by applying an illuminator on areas to which you want to draw extra attention, such as your cheekbones and defined jawline. This is also a great way to highlight gorgeous earrings you’re wearing.

When applying illuminator, you also want to dab some down the bridge of your nose, in the middle of your forehead, as well as on your chin for balance. If you are wearing bronzer or blush, you will apply the illuminator to the top of your cheekbones afterwards as a final touch.

Get Glowing without a Tan

Skin that is tanned is at risk of getting damaged, not just from the powerful sun’s rays but also dangerous sunbeds. Bottle tans, on the other hand, can also have an aging effect on your skin, plus they are often filled with chemicals. A much more beautiful appearance for your wedding day is to get a natural glow without resorting to tanning. Skin brightening products that contain natural ingredients give your skin a luminous appearance while intensely nourishing it. You can also use skin brightening creams to eliminate a tan and reverse sun damage, which results in a stronger, more beautiful complexion.

Get a Flawless Face

Natural oils perfect your complexion, so you should invest in one or two. There are different oils available depending on what issue your skin is dealing with that is preventing it from looking vibrant.

–  If your skin is oily and giving you more grease than glow, jojoba oil can come to the rescue. This oil, rich in minerals such as zinc, balances the skin’s production of oil.

– If your skin needs a youth boost, rosehip oil helps to brighten the skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles thanks to its retinoic acid.

–  If your skin is dry, coconut oil can work wonders because it is luxurious for the skin and hydrates it beautifully.

Slough Away Dull Skin

Sometimes you might forget to exfoliate because you’re so busy prepping for the wedding, but it’s a vital part of achieving vibrant skin. When skin cells do not get removed from your skin they accumulate and give your skin a dull appearance. Gently strip them away to reveal fresh, beautiful skin with a glycolic peel or going the DIY route with scrubs you can make with natural ingredients. Get into the habit of exfoliating once a week at night – this has the benefit of removing pollutants and dirt accumulated throughout the day.

Getting gorgeous, luminous skin on your wedding day is easier to achieve with less makeup, although you might leave your guests wondering just how you did it. Use the above tips and you’ll glow beautifully!