Honeymoon Feature: Experience Italy with Through Eternity Tours

Newlyweds can join Through Eternity Tours as their guides venture into the heart of Rome in their small group tour entitled Love and Death: Scandals off the Beaten Path. The beauties of the Renaissance city easily hide the scandalous history that shaped its course, but TET gives visitors an exclusive look into the dramatic story of how Rome came to be.


Wander through the cobblestone back-alleys of the Jewish Ghetto and charming piazzas to discover a different side of the Eternal City. The very fabric of the city was shaped by public execution, war, amorous passions of emperors and popes, and assassination. The Rome group tour itinerary will delve into the gossip pages of history, exploring the lifestyles, ideas and morality around which such scandals erupted.

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The lustful journey of the tour will take you through the love affairs of Julius Caesar, Octavian Augustus, Michelangelo, Pope Leo X and other Roman figures. The abuse and corruption of history’s most powerful men were countless, and many were living contradictions between who they portrayed and who they actually were. Follow along their story as the TET tour guides expose some of their most shameful secrets.


This Rome group tour will confront some of the most dramatic and audacious pages in the history of the city by the light of today’s historical knowledge. A healthy dose of the critical spirit and a willingness to question preconceived notions of reality are indispensable to the appreciation of this itinerary.


About TET:

Established in 1999, Through Eternity created their In-Depth tours after noticing a need for intimate tours. Rather than rushing through the Vatican museums with eyes closed and reaching the Sistine Chapel disconnected from its beauty, visitors are allowed to discover and admire what Raphael and Michelangelo studied and praised; immeasurably enhancing the experience. 15 years of success is a tell-tale sign, that Through Eternity has effectively provided quality and meaningful tours for Italian Tourists. Always inspired and motivated by their visitors, Through Eternity will deliver exceptional customer service and tours. Other Tour Locations Offered in Rome, Florence, Siene, Amalfi Coast and Pompeii.


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