Exciting Trends in Wedding Tech

Does juggling all of the various tasks involved in planning your wedding have you ready to tear your hair out? If so, then it’s time to let the latest in wedding tech give you a helping hand. With the right tech by your side, planning your wedding will soon be easier than you ever thought possible.


Create a Wedding Website

Creating your own wedding website is fun, easy, and hugely helpful. There are a plethora of host sites out there that can help you get set up. If you’re not sure where to start, try The Knot,Wedding Wire, or My Wedding. Your wedding website will give guests a place to go to find ceremony details, peruse your gift registry, and even view your seating chart. The best part? It’s free!

Download Planning Apps

If apps aren’t already a part of your planning process, then you’re missing out on on a whole host of make-planning-my-wedding-easier-please opportunities. Are you struggling to stay on budget? Losing track of all the plans you need to make? There’s an app for that! Try Appy Couple,Wedding Happy, or Our Wedding Planner.

Go Virtual Shopping

The days of going through a tank of gas driving around town to find the perfect dress, shoes, and accessories are gone. Instead, pick up your computer, smartphone, or tablet and go virtual shopping. Pinterest is always a great spot for unique wedding ideas, and with the Wedding Dress Studio app, you can even try dresses on using an uploaded picture of yourself. Other apps such as Wedding Lookbook by The Knot let you shop for and compare accessories, ensuring that you find the perfect look within your budget.

Make a Wedding Hashtag

After your wedding, you’ll want to get consolidate as many candid shots from your ceremony as possible. To ensure that all of your pictures end up in the same place, try creating a wedding hashtag. Set up your hashtag prior to your wedding date, then add it to your invitations and wedding memorabilia so that all of your guests are familiar with it. The perfect wedding hashtag should be short, sweet, and catchy for optimal memorability.

Livestream You Wedding

Keep your long-distance friends and family a part of your special day by livestreaming your wedding on the web. For best results, hire a professional videographer. After your wedding, your videographer will be able to give you a copy of your video to add to your wedding memory box. Wedding videos are rapidly growing in popularity as high-grade video tech becomes ever-more accessible. With the right videographer, your final video will be a beautiful compilation of moments that you can treasure forever.


Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Use Video Technology

For a wedding video that really stands out, try catching a bird’s eye view of your ceremony with a drone. Drone rentals are surprisingly affordable, and can capture some fantastic one-of-a-kind footage. If you’re looking for something a little more down-to-earth, try investing in a GoPro camera. These handy little gadgets can capture all kinds of fun moments. By attaching your GoPro to the bouquet, for example, you are sure to get the perfect bouquet toss footage!