4 ways your wedding expenses can go over budget

Weddings should be all about celebrating your love, but budgeting is still a big part of it. Setting up a budget and proper planning is essential to ensure a successful wedding, and to ensure that you start off well as a couple. However, many couples find out that it can be easy to set up a budget, but it is much harder to actually stick to it. Aside from keeping yourself grounded, there are certain hidden costs and fees that you need to account for when setting up your budget.

Wedding Dress Alterations


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You have set a budget for your dress, and find a dress that matches that budget? That’s great. However, don’t forget that if the dress doesn’t fit perfectly, there will be extra cost involved in altering it. The cost of alteration is often not included in the price of the dress. This is why many brides fail to account for this cost within their budget and see the total expenses go overboard.

Therefore, when going on a dress shopping trip, try to keep this cost in mind. Before agreeing to the final price, ask for any cost to shorten the hem, loosen up the waist line, or anything else you want done on the dress. Add this number to the original price and match it against your budget one last time.

Overtime Charges


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Many service providers at your wedding bill by a certain time block. These include your DJ or band, your photographer and your videographer. Once this time block is over, they will start charging for extra service by hour. The longer your wedding lasts, the more extra charges will occur.

The first thing to do is to make sure you know the overtime charges of all the service providers. It’s better to get it in writing within your contract. This way there will be no unpleasant surprise at the end. To avoid overtime charges, try to be realistic with your timeframe and negotiate a time block that works for the length of your wedding.

Tax and Tips


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This shouldn’t be a surprise: everyone knows that we are supposed to pay taxes and tips on the services. However, this may not be included in the initial quote that you get from the venue. The funny fact is that many couples forget to account for this extra cost in their total budget. At almost a tax rate of 10% and tips of 20%, this can be a huge additional cost.

To avoid any surprise at the end, make sure you set aside an extra 30% of the quoted price for tax and tips.

Cake Cutting and Corkage Fees


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Most couples don’t think of cake cutting and corkage fees because most of the time they are included in the price quoted by the venue. The exception is when you would like to order the cake from your favorite bakery or have wines delivered by another vendor instead. Your venue needs to provide the utensils and glassware, and have their staff serve your cake and wine. Therefore, if you order your cakes and wines from outside, they will have to put on a service charge to cover their cost.