The Challenges of a Wedding Abroad

The majority of people want their wedding to be a special occasion, so they decide to spice things up by going abroad. This unique occasion can be even more extraordinary by asking your friends and family to go abroad and make the best of the trip. However, people are usually aware of the complications this type of wedding can bring, so we have talked to people who did it and did not regret it. In the following few paragraphs there are some things you might find challenging while planning a wedding abroad, and of course the solutions to them.


Legal concerns and cultural differences
After you have decided in which country you would like to have your wedding, you should get acquainted with their culture and laws concerning marriage. Being a foreigner, in some countries, such as Spain and Italy, you will probably have problems getting married. For example, in Italy, you can get married only in town halls, and hotels and vineyards are off limits since they do not have a legal permission. Where as in Spain, you cannot marry unless you are a Spaniard or have spent at least two years there. So, look carefully where you want your wedding to happen, because maybe you will have to change a lot of things because of this decision and invest in, for example, an interpreter.

To some people it may be scary to find themselves in a literally unknown territory, so they would like to hire a wedding planner experienced in this area. Having a mediator between your home country and your desired destination is a great idea. For example, if you want to check Australian wedding venues in northern beaches, you can ask your local wedding planner if they have connections abroad. Always ask for experienced professionals who know English, so that you can communicate with them via the Internet. This way, you will be sure they can organise the event just as you want it and that you are in control.

Travel concerns
Marrying abroad will probably mean extra expenses for your family and friends, so you should ask yourself is it okay to make them cross such a distance. Especially when you think of the problems that can emerge, such as delayed flights, lost luggage, jet lag and the like. The only solution to problems of these kind is to have a positive attitude. Plan everything in advance, fly only on reputable airlines, schedule the flight several days in advance so that you are sure you will be there in time. And if your best friend has a restricted budget, then consider making a VIP list in the wedding budget, for the people whose presence is highly important.

And lastly, these are not the only problems you can face. However, just like in an ordinary wedding, problems will occur wherever you are, and they should not stop you from planning your magical wedding in an Elysian field. You should be armed with a lot of patience, compromise and imagination if you want everything to work out as you have planned.