The Victoria KyriaKides SPRING 2015 Wedding Collection

An exotic vineyard estate located outside of Athens, Greece, two beautiful Afghan Hounds, Ceasar & Lady and, of course, a beautiful collection!
“I envisioned my spring 2015 collection being shot at an elegant, formal setting reflecting the unique moment of a bride’s lifetime, that is also fresh, as is my signature style. I chose this location because of the Zen architecture that is reflected in the setting of the garden, the exotic plants and trees, the serene pool and magnificent home. A VKK bride is collected, cool and not stressed;  not only because she wears the finest, ethereal laces and silks, but because her dress is constructed perfectly from the inside, fitting her flawlessly and making her feel completely confident about her look!”           – Victoria KyriaKides
Spring campaign 2015 - I
Spring campaign 2015 - II
Spring campaign 2015 - III
Spring campaign 2015 - IV
Spring campaign 2015 - V
Spring campaign 2015 VI
Internationally renowned Haute Couture designer Victoria KyriaKides has been creating exquisite gowns for fashionable brides since the early 2000’s.  With a master Atelier in Athens, Greece, and showroom in New York, Victoria is a favorite among her international clientele with discerning taste.  Her dresses are elegant, glamorous and ultra-feminine.   Victoria uses only the best materials available, and no detail is left unnoticed, faithful to true Couture.  These dresses break every wedding dress stereotype.  Masterfully created to sculpt a woman’s body, the Victoria KyriaKides collection is designed to make a bride feel confident and absolutely beautiful on her most important day.