3 Mistakes to Avoid during the Wedding Sand Ceremony

The sand ceremony is becoming a popular choice for couples who want to replace the unity candle with something more permanent and safer. I’ve observed three common mistakes that brides and grooms make during the ritual that are easily avoided.

Girls & Mum

Nathalie and Richard were getting married – second ones for both of them. The blended family would result in 5 girls aged 9, 12, 20, 22, and 24 years. The girls were an integral part of the wedding. They were all bridesmaids each with their own style of red dress. The family looked wonderful together.

As part of the symbolic union of these two families, Nathalie and Richard wanted a Unity Sand Ritual performed during the wedding ceremony.

Couples often prefer the Unity Sands over the Unity Candle ritual because it has the same symbolism (of joining) while being more versatile (choosing colors and who adds sand), is visible is daytime, can be easily used outdoors and is safer (no fire to deal with). In addition, the bride and groom have a beautiful reminder of their commitment.

Nathalie and Richard chose the color of sand for themselves to pour in as a base. They also wanted to have each of the girls add their specifically chosen colored sand into the central container. You can see the set-up for the ritual.

Sand Ceremony set-up
Sand Ceremony set-up

Using this wonderful wedding as a backdrop, lets explore the 3 common mistakes that can be avoided during a unity sand ritual:

The container’s opening is too small. The heart shaped container that Nathalie and Richard used is very fashionable. However, its opening is very small to try and pour sand into. This issue is easily solved by using a funnel – as shown in the picture.

Miscalculating the amount of sand. This is particularly an issue if you have many people pouring the sand in the container. This is happen in Nathalie and Richard’s wedding. We had to estimate the amount each could put in so that all could be included. The container ended up overflowing. This can be avoided by measuring your container beforehand. Just fill with water and empty into a measuring cup and seeing how many milliliters it holds. Now you can divide up the number of people so that all will fit in the container.

Sand Ceremony completed
Completed sand ceremony

Leaving the filled container behind. You’ve been declared married and head down the aisle to get pictures taken or start the cocktail hour. Don’t forget this pretty memento that you just created and leave it behind where it may get lost. Nathalie and Richard designated someone to pick it up and put it on display on their head table.