3 Tips for Choosing a Professional Wedding DJ Company

There has been a proliferation of wedding DJ businesses over the last decade. Your wedding music can make or break your reception – so it is important to choose the right DJ company for you. One measure is to ensure that they are professionals.


I am constantly dazzled by the DJ booths at wedding shows. The music and lights are tantalizing and hypnotic. There certainly seems to be a lot more of them then ever before. The decreasing price and availability of technology has certainly contributed to this. In addition, the emergence of high energy dance music has popularized DJ’s like Avicii, David Guetta and Tiesto. So how does a couple choose the right DJ company for their wedding music? You can see if they measure up to three points that would ensure you that they are professionals.

1- Personality or Party:
One concern for a couple getting married comes down to the music that willed be played at their wedding. Some new DJ’s are trying to emulate the club DJ’s. They want to be the personality at the show. And that is part of the issue – it is about them and their show. They have experience playing the new music but often lack the knowledge or experience playing a broader range of music. When you have guests ranging in age from young nephews and nieces to your aunts, uncles and grandparents, you need a DJ who can play music for people of all ages.
That’s why it is important to select an experienced wedding DJ service that are experts at getting people dancing and partying. You want DJ’s who are also familiar with the traditions of a wedding. From the ceremony, grand entrance to the important dances and the throwing of the bouquet, the DJ’s from Quality Entertainment have the right type of experience – and that’s wedding experience.

2- Ethical business practices
When it comes to choosing your DJ company, please check that they have the right type of insurance and licenses. Check with your wedding venue as some insist that the DJ’s have a certain level of liability insurance. Some DJ’s have skipped the step to safeguard your wedding. In addition, they may have side-stepped the legal procurement of music. They bought a laptop and downloaded music but they haven’t paid the license fees that allows them to be DJ’s in Ontario.
For example, Quality Entertainment is a proud member of the Canadian Disc Jockey Association and as part of its membership, they are fully licensed by the AVLA and completely insured for your protection. They are also licensed for business in Ontario.

3- Emergency Back up
It is the ultimate fear at a wedding – that a vendor doesn’t show up or a piece of equipment fails. When choosing a DJ company ask them about their emergency back up plans. Do they have back up DJs that can be called if yours becomes ill? Do they have equipment standing by in case something fails? This can give you a sense of their organization and how professionally set up they are. Quality Entertainment has you covered on both points
When you choose a DJ company for your wedding music don’t trust one that hasn’t taken the steps to be a professional company. Trust the company that has been doing it for 17 years – Quality Entertainment.

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