Avoid Razor Burn on Your Big Day with These Tips

Manicures, pedicures and haircuts are standard fare for every wedding. Brides and grooms obsess about their weight, their fitness and, of course, what they’re going to wear. So many, however, neglect the one thing that they’re going to be covered in from head to toe – their skin. Glowing skin makes for great memories and even better pictures, and there’s no surer way to ruin it than with razor burn from a bad shave. It seems trivial, but it’s highly likely that you’re both going to shave the day of your wedding, or maybe the day before. Don’t let your day be plagued with ugly irritation.

Razor burn can come from dirty, dull razors or dry, unwashed skin.

Focus on the Pre-Shave

Wash and exfoliate your skin before you shave. This is crucial to prevent dirt or oil from entering microscopic cuts in your skin. You’ll also remove blade-clogging dead skin. Dirty skin causes nasty razor burn and ingrown hairs, which are often the culprit behind (or underneath) painful, ugly bumps.

It’s All in the Blade

You need a good razor with a sharp blade. Dull blades require more pressure to cut, and they cut unevenly. Change your blades between every three to 10 shaves, depending on your hair and surface area. Rinse your blade well between strokes and always clean your blade well after you’re done shaving so unhygienic and burn-inducing buildup won’t accumulate and poison your next shave.

Nature Gave Your Skin Coconut Oil – Use It!

When it comes to your hair, skin, nails, health and kitchen, nature made very few things more versatile and perfect than coconut oil. As discussed in the article “Avoid Damaging Effects of Shaving with These Coconut Oil Benefits,” coconut oil seems to have been designed with a perfect shave in mind. Coconut oil solves the problem of nicks and cuts during the shave, dry skin after the shave and bumps and irritation throughout the following days. It is high in antioxidants, contains no chemicals and leaves your skin smooth and silky, unlike shaving cream and aftershave.

For brides, just rub a little on your legs (or wherever else) after you take a shower and shave with a sharp, new razor. Rinse the blade between every stroke. Grooms should mix a drop or two of coconut oil with their regular shaving cream. Both men and women will benefit from also using a dab after they shave.

Make sure you use a new blade as often as possible – dull razors burn!

Coconut oil is the single greatest shaving product (as well as cooking oil, moisturizer and hair conditioner) ever created. Incorporate it into your overall grooming routine and you’ll love the results. On your wedding day and always, take a moment to get into a pre-shave ritual, keep your blades clean and change them often.

Andrew Lisa is a freelance events writer. He covers planning for weddings, corporate events and parties.