Try These Wedding Cake Alternatives!

The cake just may be the most traditional element of a wedding reception. But just because you’ve spent your whole life going to weddings where the cake cutting was everybody’s favorite part, don’t feel like you can’t break protocol and make your wedding your own. Substituting the cake for an equally, if not less traditional dessert doesn’t make your wedding incomplete. Consider these off-the-beaten-track options as an alternative to the same old, same old.

Chocolate babka pie brings together the best of two holiday traditions.

Chocolate Babka Pie

As discussed in the article “Amazing Dessert Alert: Chocolate Babka Pie!,” this delicacy is a combo of two holiday favorites: babka and pie. Described as “bursting with chocolaty, crusty, melt-in-your-mouth goodness,” chocolate babka pie is unlike anything any guest has ever seen at a wedding – and they may never want to eat regular wedding cake again.


Soft, dense and sweet, fudge is a dessert so rich that every tiny bite has to be savored. With flavors that range from peppermint to chocolate marshmallow to pecan to butterscotch, a mixed fudge plate gives every guest an option that suits their own taste. Your guests don’t need an entire slice of their own – a few bites and they’ll be craving it for the rest of the week.


Do brownies scream out “wedding”? No, they don’t. Does every rational person you know love brownies? Yes, they do. Rich, chocolatey, single-serving brownies are every bit as good as even the best cake, but they’re far less expensive than most wedding cakes. Your guests won’t mind that you spared the expense. Pssst – they’d rather have brownies!

Cake Pops

Keep it in the cake family, but make it interesting! Cake pops are the perfect creation for people who want to serve cupcakes, but don’t want their guests to have to eat with their hands. Imagine a piece of cake – icing and all – on a stick. Like fudge and brownies, cake pops are single serving – there is no cutting required. Awesome, delicious, practical and unique, cake pops will make your wedding unforgettable.

Cake pops have all the benefits of regular cake, but they are more convenient and definitely more fun.

Cake is great – but it’s not the only option. Make your wedding one to remember by straying off the beaten path and really going for it when it comes to dessert. Cake is safe – but brownies, fudge, cake pops or something unpredictably delicious like chocolate babka pie will ensure that your guests will leave happy and full.

Photo credits: Flickr users Garrett Ziegler and Sweet Luna Desserts

Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer who covers wedding and event planning.