Welcome Out-of-Towners with a One-of-a-Kind Gift Basket

Some gifts have a bad reputation. Socks. Fruitcake. Gift baskets. The first two might deserve to be stereotyped. But gift baskets? Not so fast! Gift baskets were once cop-out presents that people handed out when they were obligated to get something for someone, but they didn’t know what that person liked, wanted or needed – so, poof! A gift basket would have to do.

But things have changed. Take another look at this old-school gift. The traditional gift basket has been updated and upgraded, and now can be a really cool gift that can be tailored to make anyone genuinely thankful.

Think outside of the basket – today’s gift baskets are cool and unique.

Chocolate Fondue Basket

As discussed in the article “Gift Baskets Worth Giving: Introducing Manhattan Fruitier,” a chocolate fondue basket gives the lucky recipient everything they need to throw an amazing fondue party – or just indulge on their own. The basket includes chocolate sauce, fresh fruit and even wooden skewers, which are very likely to be the only thing in the basket that isn’t eaten.

Basket of Cookies and Pies

Cookies and mini pies are an awesome combination. If for some reason they can’t be eaten right away, the can usually be frozen and enjoyed later. Cookie and pie gift baskets can be tailored to the season or the occasion, and the goodies inside can usually be individually wrapped to help them keep for longer periods of time.

Regional and Local Gift Baskets

For the person in your life who is environmentally conscientious and focused on sustainable eating and living, consider a gift basket filled with local fare. Gift baskets with food, wine, desserts or even produce not only taste better than the stuff that was shipped on trucks from God knows where, but are better for the environment and the community. You’ll be supporting the recipient’s local farmers and growers and introducing them to new culinary personalities in their area who they’ll likely support over and over again.

Junk Food Gift Baskets

Classic candies. Caramel popcorn. Double-stuffed cookies. Chocolate-covered everything imaginable. Some gift baskets are healthy, local or gourmet – and that’s great. But sometimes, the best gift you can give is to let out the inner kid in the person who’s getting the basket. Junk food gift baskets let you do just that. They’ll love you for it – even if their dentists don’t.

Give gift baskets another look – today’s selection is much better than what you remember.

Gift baskets get a bad rap. Often knocked as antiquated, impersonal or obligatory, gift baskets don’t have to be the boring, predictable cop-out gift that everyone seems to get but no seems to want. Take another look. Today’s gift baskets are exciting, innovative and, quite often, delicious!

Andrew Lisa is a freelance events writer who covers wedding planning, event planning and etiquette.