Top 5 Coolest Places to Get Married In America

Getting married away from home is always a wonderful and unforgettable event in one’s lifetime. It is much less stressful as only close friends and family members are invited to these beautiful and romantic places. Some of the difficulties that a couple can encounter on their quest to happiness is the language barrier. Though English is universal, some couples from non-English speaking countries can find it a bit difficult but there are translators all over America to ensure an easy cruise around America.

Some of the coolest places to get married in America include;


Florida is a favorite place to many because of the nice weather which is mostly sunny and its white sandy beaches. The mode of transport is also superb. Florida also has numerous amusement parks, outdoor sports and excellent cuisine. The best time for couples to hold a wedding is during the summer season when the beaches are full and the prices are relatively cheaper. Couples can also enjoy movies as there are numerous theaters around Florida. Some of the best hotels are Delano Hotel and little palm island resort.



For church lovers, this is an ideal place as there are ancient and historic chapels all around Las Vegas. The weather is pleasant most part of the year but it is best to avoid Vegas during the hottest months of summer which occurs around June, July and August. Nightlife is also very cool in Las Vegas. There are many bars and restaurants that sample wine and foods from all over America. Some of the best spots to hold a wedding include Bellagio and the Mirage.



Washington DC is a very large city that offers couples so much sightseeing and fun. There are numerous cathedrals, amusement parks, gift shops, shopping malls, bars and cafeterias. The roads are smooth and there is very traffic. The weather is also very pleasant especially during the summer season. Locals are very friendly and there is so much traditional foods to be sampled in Washington.


Hawaii is also one of the favorite wedding destination to many couples. There are many beautiful sandy beaches and superb weather. The beaches are ideal for holding beach volleyball and surfing. The hotels around Hawaii are top class and they offer couples with foreign and exotic foods from all around the world. The weather is mostly warm especially during summer and offers the best time for a wedding gathering.



San Francisco is a wedding destination because it has many ancient and historic cathedrals that are very good to hold a wedding in. The locals are also very friendly. The weather is warm during summer and this is a very ideal time to hold a wedding ceremony. There are also numerous wedding shops and shopping malls that offer everything that wedding couples need. Hotels are also excellent with very good services. The mode of transport is also rated among the best worldwide.

All couples from all around the world can hold a wedding ceremony anywhere in America but they first are required to have an ESTA visas in order to plan for a wedding ceremony in America.

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