Keep Calm and Plan Your Outdoor Wedding

Thinking about getting married outside? You are not alone. Many brides and grooms picture themselves getting married by the ocean, in a winter-wonderland scenery, or surrounded by the gorgeous fall color. The natural elements can add a wonderful, romantic touch to your wedding.

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Here is a quick fact for you, only 15 percent of wedding receptions take place outdoors. Perhaps the idea of outdoor wedding still remains challenging for many couples? It should not, however. With proper planning, you will be able to have your weddings in your dream location without getting stressed out. Here are three tips to keep your outdoor wedding fun and breezy:

1. Location, location, location

Many people are put off by the thought of an outdoor wedding because they associate the idea with expensive destination weddings. If you and your family have no trouble affording the added traveling expenses, go ahead and search for a reliable wedding planner in Venice or wherever your heart desires.

If budget is an issue, however, it is not the end of the world. Instead of having a wedding in Hawaii, you can explore a local beach. Instead of traveling outside of the city, perhaps look for a restaurant, coffee shop, or a private venue that has an outdoor or rooftop space. Some lucky couples even score a free venue at their relative’s farm house or even in their own backyard.

2. Keep natural elements in mind

Since your wedding is outside, it will be at the mercy of Mother Nature. Of course, no one can guarantee that the sun will shine, or that the snow storm will only come a week later. You can, however, do your best to pick out the best month of the years based on the weather pattern. When in doubt, always have a backup plan: either pick a venue that has both indoor and outdoor spaces, or plan to have a large tent or canopy set up. Go over an “evacuation” plan with your wedding planner and other vendors, so that everything can be moved in a snap before the first rain drop ruins everything.

A note to the bride-to-be, your dress and hairstyles should also be planned with natural elements in mind. Your princess ball gown may look absolutely stunning in the showroom, but it may not be the most practical on the sandy beach.

3. Take care of your guests

The wedding should be about you and the love of your life. However, having uncomfortable guests can quickly dampen the mood. Therefore, do everything you can to keep the guests’ comfort a priority.

In your wedding invitation, it will be wise to advise your guests of the location and anything they should prepare in advance, such as sunscreen, warm clothes, or bug spray. A garden wedding can be romantic, but bugs might show up without an invitation. Smart brides will have citrus candles and portable bug spray around. If you are having a winter-wonderland themed wedding, be mindful of elderly guests or little children. Perhaps have a quick ceremony outside and move the fun inside afterward. If you are having your wedding in the summer, be mindful of the heat. Make sure the location has plenty of shades, and keep ice-cool drinks coming for your guests.

There, you have it, the three secrets to make your dream outdoor wedding a possibility. Just take a deep breath and work through the planning process, one thing at a time. Remember, it will always be about the love and commitment that you share with your partner. No matter where or how your wedding takes place, the day will be special because it celebrates your love for each other.

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