Product Review: Scrumptious SoLo GI Energy Bars

A really super yummy energy bar you need to try.

Life Horizons

It is a matter of survival. Having an energy bar readily available is a must with my busy lifestyle. But finding a yummy gluten-free bar is a challenge. No more – I love these SoLo GI Energy Bars.

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I have a full time day job, teach yoga, perform weddings and am active in a musical theatre company. I have a go go go lifestyle… always doing something. I travel around the city to accomplish all these things. As someone who is gluten intolerant, I need to plan my meals. I just can’t rely on “just picking something up”. Coffee shops with their baked goods are no good for me… ditto to hamburger and pizza places. That is why I always carry two energy bars with me.

A good tasting energy bar is a challenge to find. Many taste like refined sugars or processed chalk. Or the other end of the spectrum is…

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