Deciding on the Best Wedding Ring for Your Bride

Diamond – the name brings butterflies in any woman’s tummy. Therefore, when you decide that it is finally time to lose the bachelor status and become a husband, the best way to propose to the woman who deserves the world is with a diamond ring. As soon as you know that it is time to marry this girl and you know that you want to buy a diamond, the next thing that you need to know is how to buy the best diamond ring that will bring tears to her eyes.

Wedding ring (1)

Here are a few tips to help you choose the diamond ring for her:

The cut
When you look at a diamond that impresses you, the main reason for this impression is the cut. The cut determines the shape of the diamond. A well cut stone is one that reflects light. The cut should also be right – not too deep or too shallow. You want your girl to sparkle as soon as she walks into a room. Get the cut right and see what happens when she wears it.

The shape

Diamonds come in different shapes. This is what makes this beauty a stunning piece for the wedding. If you want to get the shape right, you can ask for a second opinion from her mother or her best friend. You can also pay attention to her other jewelry or watches. The shape of her face can also be a consideration. The most popular shapes in the market are the emerald, round, princess or heart. If your woman is eclectic, she will definitely appreciate a shape that is out of the ordinary.


We love diamonds because of their clarity. The clearer the piece, the purer it is. You want to choose a diamond that has very little to no blemishes. This in the streets is what they refer to as flawless. The clarity of the diamond will also determine the grade. You can therefore ask the jeweler about the diamond’s grade. A GIA grading report will also offer detailed information of the same. A rule of thumb – choose a stone whose inclusions are invisible to the naked eye. FL, IF, VVS1 and VVS2 range from none to the least flaws in the market. These are great choices.


This could be the most popular word in a diamond. The carat determines the weight of this special jewelry. When you visit the jeweler, the first question he may ask you is how many carats you are looking for. The more the carats, the pricier it will be. A good engagement ring can have one to two carats. Always remember that a heavy stone does not necessarily mean that the carat is high.

The most important thing to remember is what your woman prefers. There are women who go for quality rather than size. Others would like to stop the conversation as soon as they enter a room because of their rings. At the end of the day, it is what the woman likes. This is what determines a perfect ring.