Top 7 Unique and Exquisite Wedding Destinations in Australia

All the bride and groom of current times are willing to get married in a unique and romantic location. Australia has several ideal locations for such weddings. Here are some unique and exquisite wedding destinations in Australia for your reference.


Adelaide Pavilion:

This is located in the Veale Gardens South Terrace City and can be the perfect location for your wedding. Here, all the function rooms are looking out onto the spectacular garden surroundings. You can have a beautiful garden wedding followed by some breathtaking photographs in the gardens. These will be accompanied by the wonderful French and Mediterranean inspired cuisines.

Lagoon Street:

The most popular Lagoon Street in Mackay would offer you with various resorts and gardens with all the basic facilities required to conduct your wedding ceremonies. These places can prove as an ideal venue for your special day. In Mackay, you could also avail various places for the accommodation of your guests.


North of Queensland:

This place is famous for its magical rainforests with the beautiful waterfalls. You can choose to have your wedding nestled in the rainforest or on the white sandy beaches. You could plan a sunset wedding on the beach in Port Douglas followed by the reception in a marquee.

Villa Botanica:

Now, Whitsunday weddings are becoming more popular in Australia. Villa Botanica is not only the king of Whitsunday wedding venues but also considered as the most beautiful and intimate venue in Australia. Perched on the edge of Coral Sea, Villa Botanica has some beautiful gardens and architecture which would allow you to explore and enjoy.


Monkey Mia:

This is a beautiful location in Western Australia with the sandy beaches, palm trees and gardens. You could have a wedding ceremony of your dreams. You can plan for the reception on the manicured lawns viewing the magnificent sunsets. Your guests will be entertained with numerous activities like swimming and exploring Shark Bay.

Sydney Yacht Wedding:

You could plan a Yacht wedding in Sydney as you sail gently through the beautiful blanket of water in the world. The yachts will be elegant in design and graceful with the luxury and standard of excellence. For the post-wedding ceremonies, you could consider Cruising Cocktail menu while you taking the beautiful views of the city and surrounding sceneries. The spacious features of the yacht would include:

  • Fine dining room
  • Bar and lounge
  • Open upper sun deck
  • Leisure deck
  • Spa
  • Double staterooms

Adelaide Zoo:

This is another great location to have your wedding ceremony as well as reception. The zoo has spectacular function rooms and beautiful manicured lawns for both indoor and outdoor wedding ceremonies. Your guests would soak up with the sights and sounds of wildlife when at the same time basking in the tranquil garden setting.

It is understood that you are now deciding the perfect venue for your wedding. If you belong to a country outside Australia, you will have to arrange for Australian Visa well before the date of wedding. The process of application and its requirements can be seen on the Internet. Make sure to read all the instructions for a smoother visa application process.


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