Know Everything about Engagement and Wedding Rings 

Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings are meant to act as a reminder of how pure and real our love is. They are a symbol of our undying love, and a constant reminder of our unwavering commitment and dedication to what we hold dear in our hearts; fidelity. When buying an engagement or wedding ring, there are things that we should consider. Classically, an engagement ring is composed of two parts; first is a diamond, and second is a setting. When buying an engagement ring, the first thing to do is to find out what she loves most, and then choose a setting that matches. Secondly, devote the remainder of your budget to finding the most beautiful diamond.

How much should you spend on engagement and wedding rings?
Given that this is an edifice that will be used in an emotional event, and also a purchase that is meant to last a lifetime, setting aside two-month’s salary convention will be a good starting point. However, regardless of how much you decide to spend on an engagement/wedding ring, two things should prevail over your judgment; quality and value. As stated before, the quality of your ring should be top notch and in line with her taste. Find out all details concerning what she loves most without forgetting her ring size. Finally, find out from a trustworthy jeweler exactly what type of diamond will look fabulous when designed with your intended setting.

Caring for engagement and wedding rings
This is a whole topic on its own. Purchasing a ring was just the first step, once you have your ring, there are things that need to be observed if you intend to retain its luster and glow. And include:

1. Occasional cleaning- besides your normal cleaning with water and detergent, you should make an effort to visit a jeweler once in a while, for a “shine up”. Jewelers are well skilled and experienced in cleaning up of rings using special detergents and verified methods. In addition to cleaning, jewelers also fix loose prongs and torn mountings. After a shine up, you won’t help but the same luster you saw when you first bought the ring.

2. Don’t be tempted to remove it while in public- removing your ring when in a public restroom for example is risky as you are at great risk of forgetting it at the sink and even flushing it down the drain.

3. Make it a habit to remove the ring when undertaking rough chores- rough works that involves harsh chemical or heavy metals that can scratch the ring. Note that bleaching agents and oxidizing agents have a tendency of making engagement and wedding rings dull.

4. Finally, store your engagement and wedding rings in their safety cabinet where there is less friction- placing your engagement and wedding rings in rough places increase their chances of wearing out. Always store them separately from others, especially metals. In addition, if you are heavily exposed to hairsprays, creams , skin ointments and other household chemicals, be sure to place the ring in a mixture of warm water and ammonia for a couple of minutes, scrub it using an old toothbrush and finally rinse in clean water.
Evidently, we all love quality and durable things. As such, when purchasing for engagement and wedding rings, we should put more effort into ensuring that whatever we are picking is of high quality and unique. Conveniently, the market is flooded with myriad jewelers who are more than willing to lend a hand. Confide in them and work together to ensure that, that special day remains memorable to you and your loved one forever. Finally, credit to technology, it is now possible to score a few good engagement and wedding rings deals online. However, you are advised to extremely cautious to avoid falling in the callous hands of cons.